Possible To Use Office For iPad Without Office 365 Subscription | Ubergizmo

Earlier this week Microsoft finally launched Office for iPad. The popular productivity suite, made up of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps, has landed on Apple’s tablet absolutely free, but there is a caveat. Office for iPad apps can be used for reading, viewing and presentation only. If users want the full editing and composing power, they need an Office 365 subscription. However, a loophole left open by Microsoft makes it possible to use Office for iPad without Office 365 subscription.

PLEASE NOTE WELL:  Technically this does violate limits defined by Microsoft in its EULA or end user rights agreement. While Microsoft doesn’t strictly enforce the tablet installations limit, it trusts that “users respect and understand device limits outlined in the EULA.”

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5 things you had no idea your iPad could do-USA Today


Jennifer Jolly:  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned your iPad, this über-capable tablet can do so much — it likely has a few tricks up its sleeve to surprise you. Whether it’s a new typing technique or a more secure way to browse the web, Apple’s tablet can do more than you probably imagined.

Read entire article.  Click link below:

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Legal Loop: Mobile apps for the paperless law office | The Daily Record | nydailyrecord.com

Nicole Black:

“…More than ever, lawyers are realizing the value and time-saving capabilities of mobile devices. The flexibility and convenience of practicing law on the go is especially apparent when lawyers take advantage of mobile apps created for creating, storing and organizing documents and notes. If you haven’t yet discovered the many benefits of creating and accessing digital documents on your iPhone or iPad, why not get started today using some of the iOS apps discussed…”

Read more: http://nydailyrecord.com/blog/2013/10/21/legal-loop-mobile-apps-for-the-paperless-law-office/#ixzz2jhaur2WW


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Increasing the text size in iOS 7 – iPhone J.D.

For those of us who are having trouble reading iOS7’s new font, Jeff Richardson has a fix…by changing Settings to allow for dynamically-sized type face and bold, if needed.

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A Clio Webinar–Mobile Practice Management

Clio is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern.  Joshua Lenon of Clio and Jeff Richardson of iPhone JD will talk about mobile device security, apps, and making the best use of an iPhone and iPad in the practice of law.

By coincidence this session will be right after (or at the end of) the big iPad announcement on Tuesday, so I’m sure they will have something to say about that as well.

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iPad: E-filing & Uploading Docs | MacLitigator

After researching the issue, not a lot of options exist for uploading documents from the iPad. The built in Safari web browser doesn’t support uploading to a website. PDF Expert, GoodReader and iAnnotate also lack the ability to log into an e-filing portal and upload. However, a $1.99 iPad browser called iCab does allow uploading for e-filing pleadings.

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How to Speed Up a Slow, Aging iPhone or iPad-LifeHacker

Apple’s rumored to announce a new iPhone next week, and some of you may be tempted to shell out for the newest one–especially if your old beater is acting slow, crashing, and generally misbehaving. Here are a few ways from Whitson Gordon to speed it up so you can save a few bucks.

Sure, you may not get the newest features of iOS, and running through these steps won’t make your device feel totally new; it’ll just keep it running for a little while longer. But if you’re trying to save some money or just keep your apps from crashing, these tips can be a godsend.

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Marvin for iOS for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Marvin is a fast, intelligent eBook reader for your iPad. What sets Marvin apart are its unique features and an incredible Artificial Intelligence engine that reads your books with you and helps you discover amazing things about them, their characters, places and anything else.

• Look up characters, places and names in your book to see their biographies, articles about them or their photos.
• See the first time names appear in your book to remind you who they are.
• Find articles about the book and its author. Was the book ever made into a movie, a play, or a radio drama?
• Pin any review, article, video or website to your book.
• Build summaries. Marvin actually creates a new eBook that you can read, annotate and share separately.
• Save all your research and share it easily with your friends.

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Reeder for iPad and Mac is now free | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog-Steven Sande

Read Steven Sande’s entire article here.

What happens when you make a Google Reader client for iPad and Mac, and then Google announces that the service is closing up shop on July 1, 2013? If you’re developer Silvio Rizzi, you continue development on a version of your app that won’t rely on Google Reader, and you give away your app for free. As of today, Rizzi is making Reeder for iPad and Reeder for Mac freely available.

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The basics of the Lawyer’s iPad-By Jim Calloway

The iPad has proven very popular with the legal profession. Some lawyers are quite proficient at using their iPads with numerous apps installed and a proclivity to show off their latest app to anyone who will stand still and watch. Others mainly use the iPad for entertainment, browsing the Internet or responding to email. Here is a “beginner’s” article on how lawyers can use their iPad.


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