University at Albany – SUNY – Professional Development & Parent Seminars

The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD Albany) is pleased to announce 2016-17 professional development and parent seminars – The seminars are offered at no cost to participants living in NYS.


Addressing the Core Deficits of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Classroom: Evidence-Based Strategies for Teaching Social- Emotional Skills to Students with ASD

Students with ASD have persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across contexts; these deficits often include social-emotional reciprocity and non-verbal communication. This seminar will focus on foundational social skills, an overview of assessment/curriculum tools and it will highlight several instructional strategies to help support students with ASD.


Addressing the Core Deficits of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Classroom: Supporting the Understanding and Development of Peer Relationships

As a core deficit in ASD, students have deficits in developing, maintaining, and understanding relationships, ranging, for example, from difficulties adjusting behavior to suit various social contexts; to difficulties in sharing imaginative play or in making friends; to absence of interest in peers. This session will discuss the importance of friendships, along with interventions that target the development of peer relationships.


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ScanSnap Compatibility Problem with macOS Sierra – Fujitsu Global

For all Mac Users with ScanSnap machines…do NOT…do NOT…upgrade on or after September 20, 2016 to macOS Sierra until further word from Fujitsu.  Remember, there is no going back.

Read about the problem and the risks here…

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Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself: Webinar Now Available Online–IRS

Tax practitioners who missed the recent IRS webinar, Protect your Clients, Protect Yourself from Data Theft, can now view it anytime on demand. In the broadcast, IRS and private sector experts discuss client data safeguards, legal requirements and best practices involving the handling of taxpayer data and tips for responding to a loss of taxpayer data.

Visit the Protect Your Clients, Protect Yourself page on for more information on identity theft scams targeting the tax professional community. The page includes links to publications such as

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The battle between Tesla and your neighborhood car dealership – The Washington Post

By Jacob Bogage

The first Tesla store opened in Columbus, Ohio, 72 miles away. Then one popped up in Cincinnati. Soon, another was in Cleveland. Tesla’s Ohio invasion was swift and — to longtime auto dealers such as Blake Arbogast — a growing threat, creeping ever closer.

In Ohio, dealers sued and lobbied their legislators. One called Tesla’s spread into his territory “Armageddon.” All to no avail. Tesla, the electric-car manufacturer, and its boutique “galleries” are here to stay. The question now: Are traditional dealers?

Tesla, the California company founded by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, plans to not only make electric cars as cool and fast as gas-guzzling sports cars but also to upend the way cars are sold. For generations, automobile manufacturers from Ford to Toyota to General Motors have been banned by state law from selling directly to consumers. Instead, their vehicles are sold by third-party dealers, many of which have deep ties to their community and political leverage.

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Constitution Day 2016: New Citizens to Take Oath at Iconic Sites | United States Courts

Constitution Day 2016: New Citizens to Take Oath at Iconic Sites

Students will participate in real-life civics lessons at naturalization ceremonies scheduled at National Park Service sites and other, iconic places from Ellis Island to Pearl Harbor, in celebration of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day on Friday, September 16.

Some ceremonies, including the Ellis Island naturalization, can be viewed by livestream starting at 10:45 a.m. EDT on September 16 from

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Ten-year-old Windows Media Player hack is the new black, again • The Register

Darren Pauli

Net scum are still finding ways to take down users with a decade-old Windows Media Player attack.

The vector is a reborn social engineering hatchet job not seen in years in which attackers convince users to run executable content through Windows Media Player’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) functionality.

Windows Media Player will throw a DRM warning whenever users do not have the rights to play content, opening a URL through which a licence can be acquired.

Now malware villains are packing popular movies with malicious links so that the DRM warning leads to sites where they’re fooled into downloading trojans masquerading as necessary video codecs.

Malware researchers Amitay Dan of Cybermoon and Avi Turiel of Cyren (@popshark1) say the popular 2016 flick War Dogs was trojanised and served to victims over bit torrent.

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Why and How to Bring Veterans Into Your Firm – Strategist

By Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.


It’s not hard to make the case for hiring veterans. Someone who has made it through the military is likely to have the responsibility, maturity, and coping mechanisms that help make for successful legal professionals. If you think your firm is chaotic or stressful — well, many vets have seen worse and know how to handle it.

And it’s those characteristics that make for good hires. More and more firms are moving away from prestige- and experience-based hiring criteria and looking at the character-based traits that make for great legal professionals: resilience, responsibility, agility, etc.


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