The Legal Profession in Transition–NYSBA Journal–Sept., 2017

By Stephen P. Gallagher :

In September 2004, Leonard E. Sienko, Jr. and I teamed up to write our first article for the NYSBA Journal. The title of that article was Yesterday’s Strategies Rarely Answer Tomorrow’s Problems. In October 2015, we got together again to write a follow-up article, For Sole Practitioners, The Future Is Not What It Used to Be. We thought this might be a good time to once again share our thoughts regarding today’s challenges. I generally focus on the trends, while Lenny tempers my theories with practical, real-world tales. He has been in the trenches as a solo practitioner in Hancock, N.Y., for 39 years.

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How To Seek Information on Loved Ones in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

By Arturo Garcia–September 22, 2107

Some of the phone numbers shared widely on social media no longer appear to be working or have been replaced by email addresses.

NY High Court Rejects Constitutional Right to Assisted Suicide | New York Law Journal

Josefa Velasquez, New York Law Journal

Full Text of Decision:   Myers v. Schneiderman

“Our Legislature has a rational basis for criminalizing assisted suicide, and plaintiffs have no constitutional right to the relief they seek herein,” the Court of Appeals, affirming the ruling by the Appellate Division, First Department (NYLJ, May 4, 2016) and acting Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Kenney (NYLJ, Oct. 21, 2015).

Lawyers licensed outside Texas can provide help to Harvey victims, Texas high court order says



The Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday issued an emergency order allowing out-of-state lawyers to practice in the state temporarily to provide pro bono assistance to Hurricane Harvey victims.
The order (PDF) allows out-of-state lawyers in good standing to practice in Texas for six months in two situations, the Texas Bar Blog reports.

First, practice is allowed if the out-of-state lawyer is retained by a legal-aid or pro bono program or a bar association that provides services to victims of Hurricane Harvey. Lawyers who want to help should fill out a temporary registration form here.

Second, lawyers licensed in other jurisdictions are allowed to practice in Texas if they are displaced from their home jurisdiction due to Hurricane Harvey and they practice in Texas remotely as if located in their home jurisdiction.


Out-of-state lawyers can help with the FEMA appeals, which are administrative in nature, Brown said. The group’s website is here. Additional help for legal aid and volunteer lawyers responding to disaster is at the National Disaster Legal Aid Resource Center.


Break Yourself: How to Vacation as a Solo Attorney–

By Jared Correia


I work really hard, like most attorneys. But, I’m starting to feel like I’m burning myself out. I’m doing well financially, but I have to work all the time to do it. I’m comfortable working a lot. I just need a break sometimes. I haven’t gone on a real vacation in three years. I’m starting to feel like it’s impossible for a solo lawyer to take a vacation. Can you help?


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The Domestic Terrorism Danger: Focus on Unauthorized Private Military Groups – Lawfare

By Philip Zelikow– White Burkett Miller Professor of History at the University of Virginia. He has practiced law and served in various government positions, including as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission.

The Charlottesville tragedy came close to home for me because I teach at the University of Virginia and because it signaled the reappearance of a threat I had encountered before: the rise of well-armed private militia groups.  For those close to the action, including the law enforcement personnel on duty, hardly any aspect of the Charlottesville confrontation was more menacing than the appearance of organized, often uniformed, private bands of men in military getups, openly brandishing assault rifles and other long guns.

This is an ominous development, but it is not a new one. And it can be–and has been–countered with legal action. I took part in that work.

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ABA and Jones Day Launch Website to Connect Veterans to Legal Services – Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

At its annual meeting in New York Saturday, the American Bar Association announced the launch of, a website, developed in partnership with the law firm Jones Day, that matches veterans in need of pro bono legal services with attorneys willing to provide such services.

For now, the new site is only accepting registrations from attorneys, law firms and legal organizations interesting in providing services. By Veterans Day, the site will open on a pilot basis in a limited number of cities and states to accept veterans’ cases. The site will become fully operational nationally in 2018, the ABA’s announcement said.

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