The “Indestructible” ioSafe SoloPro and Rugged Portable External Hard Drives–Sam Glover

by Sam Glover


Reviewing an external hard drive is not generally very interesting. The best ones are no-frills, empty drives. Since you cannot test long-term reliability in the short term, the feature that matters most is effectively un-testable.

The ioSafe drives are good external hard drives. They come in attractive packages for reasonable prices (about $250 for the 1TB SoloPro, and $160 for the 500GB Rugged Portable), and have plenty of space for backing up your client files. They also leave out the crapware that tends to come with external hard drives.

Ending the review there, however, would utterly fail to do justice to the ioSafe drives. Unlike a regular drive, these are built to protect your data from the kind of abuse that would turn a regular drive into a pile of particles.

Here is a closer look at the first drives you might be able to trust with your most-important data–without a secondary backup.

IoSafe master 020107 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


UPDATE–Sam Glover:  I don’t think you’ll be sorry if you get the ioSafe Solo G3.


UPDATE–Sam Glover: If you just want a solid backup drive and you don’t want to pay a lot for it, get the WD Elements 2TB portable drive. It’s nothing fancy, just a 2-terabyte external hard drive about the size of a pocket Moleskine notebook. And since it gets all the power it needs from your computer’s USB port, you only need the one short cable (which is included). Everything about it — including the price — make it a near-perfect basic backup solution.

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Worker fired for disabling GPS app that tracked her 24 hours a day [Updated] | Ars Technica

by  David Kravets –  May 11, 2015 

A Central California woman claims she was fired after uninstalling an app that her employer required her to run constantly on her company issued iPhone–an app that tracked her every move 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Plaintiff Myrna Arias, a former Bakersfield sales executive for money transfer service Intermex, claims in a state court lawsuit that her boss, John Stubits, fired her shortly after she uninstalled the job-management Xora app that she and her colleagues were required to use. According to her suit (PDF) in Kern County Superior Court:

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Legal Loop: A week with the apple watch: first impressions | NY Daily Record

By: Nicole Black  May 8, 2015 

I’ve had my Apple Watch for a little over a week now. I bought the lowest priced Apple Sport Watch with a white band and I’ve worn it daily. I’ve had a chance to use many of its current functions and figured I’d share my first impressions with you now and then revisit the topic in a month or so once I’ve had a chance to travel with my watch — because I expect its features and apps will be particularly useful while traveling.


In my opinion, Apple Watch the gateway drug to wearables and in a few years, people will be wearing smart glasses, contacts and more. As a society we’re just not ready for that yet. But Apple Watch is a good bridge to that future.

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Drone Vandalism Is Now A

KATSU Drone Drawing 2015 on Kendall Jenner

Chris Mills:
By this point, drones have been co-opted into most human activities: proposalsreligion, and yep, porn

As of Wednesday morning, you can also add vandalising a gigantic NYC billboard to that list.



There are going tho be even more legal issues with increasing drone use.  I foresee an area of practice developing.  

NSA decision–2nd Circuit Rules Against Telephone MetaData Mass Surveillance

Tesla unveils battery storage system for home, business and utility use–

The Tesla home battery system hinted at by CEO Elon Musk several months ago has finally been unveiled by Musk himself at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, California. Dubbed the Powerwall, the stationary home battery offers 10 kWh of storage capacity for the relatively modest price of US$3,500. A smaller unit is also available at 7 kWh for $3,000, and homeowners can stack multiple units if needed.

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Review: Apple Watch – iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:

The Apple Watch is the newest product from Apple.  It requires an iPhone and thus can be viewed as an iPhone accessory, much like you might have Bluetooth headphones that work with your iPhone.  But it has so much computing power that it can also be considered an independent device, alongside the iPad, iPod, etc.  After three days with the Apple Watch, I am incredibly impressed.  For those of you wondering whether you should get one, hopefully my initial experiences will help you to make a decision for yourself.

The model that I have is the Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel with Black Classic Buckle.  I ordered it just a few minutes after Apple started taking pre-orders on April 10, 2015, and my Apple Watch was in my hands around 9:30 a.m. on Friday, April 24.  My first three days with the Apple Watch have been different types of days.  Friday was a work day, so I was mostly in the office.  Saturday I was mostly at home, doing errands and playing with my kids.  On Sunday I was at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, so I was outside most of the day and doing a lot of walking around and receiving and sending a lot of text messages to make plans with others at Jazz Fest.  These three very different days gave me the opportunity to really understand how the Apple Watch excels and what its limitations are.  

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