That TSA-approved lock on your suitcase just got hacked | Computerworld

It’s a basic fact of life that once you publish something on the Internet, it’s pretty much impossible to get it back. Now illustrating that point with painful clarity, images of the TSA‘s master luggage keys have been published online, meaning that anyone with a 3D printer can make their own.

More detail from Computerworld here.

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Apple’s fall lineup | The Download Blog – CNET

Apple has fresh versions of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, plus iOS 9, TvOS, and WatchOS.

by Joshua Rotter September 9, 2015, 11:17 PM

In San Francisco this morning, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 6s, updates to the Apple Watch, a new Apple TV, and a wide-body tablet named the iPad Pro. With the new electronics comes new software, including iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 (both due September 16), El Capitan (possibly coming September 30), and TvOS and an app store for Apple TV (October). Apple’s fall line highlights the path the company hopes to take into the living room and the enterprise.

Read entire article here.

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iMore survey shows ultra-high levels of Apple Watch usage | iMore


93% use the Apple Watch five or more days a week, 95% for eight or more hours a day.

There’s been a lot of debate over how well the Apple Watch is selling. That’s to be expected. Apple not only launched a new product category but the category itself is still new. Even with hard numbers, there would be very little in the way of context to understand what they mean and that won’t change for a year or more. That’s why, for iMore’s inaugural Apple Watch survey, we chose to focus on something else entirely–not how the Apple Watch is doing but what we’re all are doing with it.

For two weeks in July we collected answers using Survey Monkey and over 8000 of you were kind enough to respond. Here’s what you told us.


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Opening a Modern Law Office: Coping with Today’s Rapidly Changing Law Firm Business Model–Calloway

Jim Calloway:

Comparing the opening of a law office several decades ago with today’s requirements can make one feel nostalgic about “the good old days.” Then, you would rent or purchase some office space close to the courthouse or downtown business activity, hire a competent legal secretary, get a typewriter (Does anyone else remember the ubiquity of the IBM Selectric?), round up some office furniture, stop by the office supply store for a few supplies and you were ready to go. Now, you need to do much of that, but also figure out Internet access (and security), purchase computers, figure out what law office software is required, update your mobile phone plan, create the law firm’s website, buy a scanner, develop written procedures for workflow of digital client files and a host of other items.

On the other hand, today the cash-strapped young lawyer can set up a law practice with a laptop, a smart phone, Internet access and a mailing address and be open for business.

I want to focus here on the numerous differences that lawyers are facing when setting up a law practice today as compared to a few years or decades ago.

The law office should operate much differently in 2015 than it did years ago. Advice from experienced lawyers is perhaps the most valuable thing a new lawyer can receive when starting a law practice. An experienced lawyer leaving a firm to start a solo or small firm practice may have different needs.

Read entire article.

Legal Loop: Wearable tech data as evidence in the courtroom | NY Daily Record

Nicole Black, Esq.:


However in recent months, the tide has begun to turn. I first noticed this when I was speaking on a panel about wearable technology last month in San Francisco at Legaltech West Coast. Toward the end of our talk, an audience member raised the issue of requesting the plaintiff’s Fitbit data during the discovery phase of personal injury cases. For many in the room, it was as if a light bulb suddenly went off. Their eyes lit up and they began nodding their heads in unison. Suddenly they realized that perhaps wearables were relevant to lawyers after all.


Read more:

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Legal Technology Survey-ABA

The ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center has surveyed practicing attorneys about their technology choices for more than a decade.

The Center’s annual Legal Technology Survey Report is recognized as the source for information regarding the use of technology by attorneys in private practice.

In 2015, the findings of the survey will be presented in six volumes: Technology Basics & Security, Law Office Technology, Litigation & Courtroom Technology, Web & Communication Technology, Online Research, and Mobile Lawyers.

All volumes of the 2015 Legal Technology Survey Report are now available:

Color Alive – Mythical Creatures – Crayola

A special app and crayon transform coloring by activating a virtual experience complete with color effects. Crayola Color Alive Mythical Creatures comes with six Crayola Crayons, one special color effects crayon, free app download, and 16 action coloring pages featuring dragons, wizards, and other characters for young artists to color and interact with.


With the free Color Alive app, kids can use a compatible device to bring characters to life in their own surroundings. The Color Alive app breathes life into the mythical creatures with movement and sound. Each action coloring page character has its own unique animation within the app that kids can activate by tapping on their phones or tablets. When children are done coloring the 16 included pages, they can print additional action coloring pages from the app.

Color Alive app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It is available on the App Store, Google play, and the Windows Store. For specific device compatibility, visit


How often do technologies which may be disruptive start as “toys” or entertainment?

I think the possibility exists for low cost 3-D demos (in court or elsewhere).  Click here for details and demo videos.


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