Simplify a tedious deposition review with technology–ABA Journal

Another technology tool designed to streamline the litigation process is deposition review software, which assists lawyers with the typically tedious process of reading, reviewing and annotating deposition transcripts during the pretrial process. These programs enable paperless depositions by storing digital transcripts in the cloud, which are then accessible from any compatible device.

Users fret over Chrome auto-login change – Naked Security


Users were complaining this week after discovering they’d been logged in to Google’s Chrome browser automatically, after logging into a Google website.
Recently… Matthew Green, assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University and a cryptography expert, discovered that an update to Chrome has been signing users into their Chrome browsers whenever they logged in to a Google website. He blogged about it in full here.

#1434: New iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max; Apple Watch Series 4; upgrading to iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12, and macOS 10.14 Mojave – TidBITS


It’s time to start the cycle again. Apple last week introduced three new iPhone models and the Apple Watch Series 4, and today brought the release of iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12, plus an iOS 12 update to the HomePod. We have all the coverage you need to make decisions about what to buy and when to upgrade. Notable Mac app releases this week include Microsoft Office 2016 16.17, MarsEdit 4.1.6, Audio Hijack 3.5.4, Piezo 1.5.10, and HoudahGeo 5.2.3.


Etherpad is a web-based real-time collaborative editor. Any user can create a collaborative document, called a “pad,” each of which has a distinct URL. Anyone that has this URL can make edits to the pad, with every editor’s changes appearing in their own color. Etherpad automatically saves changes periodically, but users may also checkpoint specific versions at any time. The editing history of each pad is also saved, with a slider allowing users to rewind a document to view previous versions. Pads can be downloaded in plain text, HTML, PDF, ODF, or Word format. A number of free, public Etherpad servers are available. These can be located in the “List of public instances” on the Etherpad site. For users that wish to self-host an Etherpad instance, server installers are provided on the Etherpad site for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Etherpad is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license, with source code available on GitHub. [CRH]

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Cashing in with credit-card processing software–ABA Journal


In prior columns I have covered time-tracking software and legal billing software with the promise that I’d eventually focus on payment processing software for law firms. Well that time has come, and in this column I’ll explain the ins and outs of choosing the right payment processing vendor for your law firm.

You’ll learn why law firms should consider using payment processing software, the types of legal-specific tools available, and how to determine which one will be the best fit for your law firm.

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Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download Manager is a Chrome extension that enhances Chrome’s built-in download features. For example, Chrono provides a “detect all images/audio/video on this page” button that will generate a list of resources it could download. Users may then narrow this list by file type or regular expression filtering on file names. Download rules can also be configured to sort files into different folders based on file type, file name, and other attributes. The FAQ section on the Chrono website provides detailed documentation on the rule system along with examples. Chrono Download Manager is available for Google Chrome via the Chrome Web Store.

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Beyond Citation – Critical Thinking About Digital Research

Last featured in the 11-11-2016 Scout Report, Beyond Citation is a valuable resource for librarians, scholars, instructors, and students. By allowing visitors to quickly learn about popular datasets, Beyond Citation offers an important service for researchers in all academic disciplines.

Researchers, students, and instructors use academic databases to find scholarship on topics of interest. Yet, it is difficult to get information about how these databases work and what materials are included in – or left out of – them. In response to this challenge, a group of students in a digital praxis seminar at the City University of New York (CUNY) created Beyond Citation, a website dedicated to providing the public with information and analysis about major academic search engines. As of this writing, Beyond Citation features explorations of thirteen major databases, including Google Books, Project MUSE, HathiTrust Digital Library, JSTOR, and ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Each database record includes an overview outlining what the database contains, available reviews of each database, and information about access. In addition, readers will also find a useful conversations feature, which offers links to outside analysis and criticism about the selected database. Beyond Citation not only helps researchers critically evaluate databases but also teaches researchers how to use these databases most effectively.

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What is Papyrus Author?

“Randy Singer (MacAttorney)” <>: Jun 09 07:49PM -0700

For those of you interested in an alternative word processor to Microsoft
Office (that’s just as powerful, but easier to use), Papyrus Author is in
it’s final beta stage.

You can still be a beta tester by joining here:

FDIC: BankFind Home

FDIC BankFind allows you to locate FDIC-insured banking institutions.

The FDIC offers many economic and financial resources through its public web site. This Bank Data Guide is a summary of the tools that are available.

Many of these products also offer the following:

The FDIC has modified a few of our data products – BankFind, Institution Directory, Statistics on Depository Institutions, Summary of Deposits, Historical Statistics on Banking and the Report of Structure Changes. Features now include enhanced navigation, streamlined access to data and consolidated Help pages.

A complete list of our products are available at:

Other products available include the printable version of the Bank Data Guide – PDF 1,278k (PDF help) and the Quick Reference Table.

About LawHelpNY | New York, powered by Pro Bono Net, is an online tool for helping low-income New Yorkers solve their legal problems. Our mission is to provide and promote access to high-quality online information about:

  • Free legal services throughout New York State
  • Legal rights in a broad range of substantive areas
  • The New York State court system
  • Advocacy groups, government offices and social service organizations that help low-income New Yorkers

We are committed to helping low-income and other vulnerable New Yorkers achieve equal access to justice by providing information that is user-friendly in English, Spanish and other languages.

*** is New York’s only comprehensive source of legal referral information and includes:

  • More than 600 free legal service projects and organizations with their contact and intake information
  • More than 4,000 Know Your Rights and self-help resources covering 11 areas of law
  • Information about the Court system
  •, a Spanish mirror website
  • Legal rights resources in more than 30 languages
  • LiveHelp, a real-time chat service that helps users find the legal help they need

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