Breaking News Roundtable: NEW EB-5 Regulations (BONUS – Stephen Yale-Loehr and Kristal Ozmun) – Lionceau Productions LLC


On Wednesday this week, the Department of Homeland Security formally published new regulations overhauling the Employment Creation Visa, more commonly known as EB-5. Under the EB-5 program, if a foreign national invests in the United States, and thereby creates ten jobs for U.S. workers, the foreign national can receive a green card. The newly announced regulations significantly restrict the program.

To discuss these late-breaking changes, we are publishing our first bonus episode! In this breaking news roundtable, EB-5 experts Stephen Yale-Loehr and Kristal Ozmun join David in discussing the EB-5 program changes, and how they may result in fewer jobs for U.S. workers being created by the program.


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Children’s Immigration Law Academy – Pro Bono–ABA


Welcome to Pro Bono Matters for Children Facing Deportation! Thousands of children must face immigration judges each year without appointed counsel.  With representation, asylum seekers have a five times greater chance of winning their case.  Below you will find pro bono opportunities nationwide to support children . Funded by the Vera Institute of Justice, Pro Bono Matters for Children Facing Deportation allows lawyers to search and share available pro bono cases for unaccompanied children (UC) detained by the federal government or released to live with family members while in deportation proceedings.



Active-duty U.S. troops are now just feet away from migrants in Texas–NBC News


Active-duty troops are barred from performing law enforcement functions inside the U.S. by the Posse Comitatus Act, a federal law enacted in 1878 that prohibits the government from using military forces to act as a police force within U.S. borders.

Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., who chairs the House Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Readiness, says having active duty troops monitor migrants is “teetering on the edge of the posse comitatus law.”

“It’s not the role of the U.S. military to be a prison guard,” he said. “This is certainly mission creep” and could put U.S. military service members “in a precarious legal situation.”


Amy Wax Controversy Drags Penn Law Into Free-Speech Dilemma |


Penn Law Dean Ted Ruger found himself in a familiar spot last week–caught between outraged students demanding sanctions against Amy Wax for what they view as her racist public comments and free-speech advocates who believe that the controversial professor has a right to air her views, however offensive.

Ruger had been in a similar position at least twice in the past two years when Wax published op-eds and gave interviews that were widely perceived as denigrating immigrants and black students at the law school.

The dean has taken a middle-of-the-road approach with Wax, and in the latest incident issued a statement condemning her comments as racist. He also said that they do not reflect the law school’s position, but did not take formal action against her. Penn Law said Wax will be taking a previously planned sabbatical during the upcoming school year, however.

The recent controversy stems from Wax’s statements that U.S. would be “better off with more whites and fewer nonwhites,” during a panel at a national conference for conservatives.

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Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

The goals of the Center for Retirement Research are to promote research on retirement issues, to transmit new findings to the policy community and the public, to help train new scholars, and to broaden access to valuable data sources.

Panels Focus on Merit in Selection of Magistrate Judges | United States Courts


Panels Focus on Merit in Selection of Magistrate Judges

Magistrate judges play a critical role in the federal Judiciary, fulfilling a broad range of responsibilities and easing heavy caseloads in district courts. A new video by the U.S. courts explains the merit selection process for these judges.

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Law Practice Tips | Jim Calloway | Law Firm Management Insights

Jim Calloway:
Yes, Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips is Back!! (Almost) After my blog’s launch in January, 2005, I regularly posted law practice tips, my observations on law practice technology and management, links to interesting articles and more. I had over thirteen years of regular postings. But in the summer of 2018, I found myself in a triage situation. Both of my staff resigned for unrelated reasons within a few weeks of each other and I had just taken on primary responsibility for one of the most important projects of my career, organizing and managing the 2018 Oklahoma Access to Justice Summit. So something had to give and blogging had to be it. I continued sharing information through my Twitter account, @JimCalloway. I resolved to get back to blogging within a year and am just meeting that goal.

The “old” blog address will be closed in early 2020.

Please visit the new blog address to subscribe to receive the posts via email or RSS feed. (The feed logo is at the top right hand side of the blog.)

“Unlocking the Mysteries of Google Scholar.” –MyCase

Today’s free giveaway is a guide from MyCase: “Unlocking the Mysteries of Google Scholar.”

Google Scholar is an easy-to-use platform that grants users access to a broad spectrum of federal and state case law without breaking the bank.

In this guide, you’ll learn to:

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AILA – Featured Issue: 2019 Large-Scale Enforcement Actions and Raids


This page includes a variety of resources to assist in responding to large-scale enforcement actions and raids. Please visit the Immigration Justice Campaign’s Raids Response website if you are interested in volunteering.

Raids Resources–Please share widely in your communities prior to the raids starting

AILA Raid Resources Quick Sheet

  • AILA Raid Resources Quick Sheet – print and share this document with clients and advocates to share key resources including local raids resource hotlines and contact information for select cities.

Know Your Rights Resources

EOIR Case Status Information

  • To check information related to you or your client’s immigration court case, call the EOIR electronic phone system at 1-800-898-7180, enter the A number and listen to see whether a removal order has been issued in the relevant case.