Apple guilty of conspiring to raise ebook prices, federal judge rules | Technology |

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Tech company to face trial for damages over attempt to thwart Amazon’s dominance after book publishers settle with U

Marvin for iOS for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Marvin is a fast, intelligent eBook reader for your iPad. What sets Marvin apart are its unique features and an incredible Artificial Intelligence engine that reads your books with you and helps you discover amazing things about them, their characters, places and anything else.

• Look up characters, places and names in your book to see their biographies, articles about them or their photos.
• See the first time names appear in your book to remind you who they are.
• Find articles about the book and its author. Was the book ever made into a movie, a play, or a radio drama?
• Pin any review, article, video or website to your book.
• Build summaries. Marvin actually creates a new eBook that you can read, annotate and share separately.
• Save all your research and share it easily with your friends.

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