New FEDERALLY MANDATED Income Withholding Order (IWO) REQUIRED to be in use by May 31, 2012-Broome Co. Bar Ass’n

       Please be advised that there is a new FEDERALLY
MANDATED Income Withholding Order (IWO) which is REQUIRED to be in use by May
31, 2012 – i.e. – effective immediately.

The new IWO requires all payments be sent to the Support Disbursement
Unit in Albany, and instructs employers to REJECT IWO’s that are not on the
new form.

The new form and instructions (prepared by OCA and the Office of
Temporary Disability Assistance (OTDA) can be found at OCA’s new child support

This new child support website includes links to federal and state
child support resources – as well as OTDA’s new Application for Support
Services Form and  the new IWO forms for use in both Family and Supreme Court.

Additionally – please be aware that that amendments to the Uncontested
Divorce Packet will include a special set of simplified instructions
about the new IWO and applications for child support services, copies of
which can be obtained at:

Submission of forms not incompliance with the new federally manadate
form will be rejected by employers.

Please circulate as you deem appropriate.

Thank you!!

Sindy L. Garey
Executive Director
Broome County Bar Association
(607) 723-6331

Nassau County’s Broke. Result: You Lose Your Property? | Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

Read the entire article at BS&K’s Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report Blog.


….although you have an Order and Judgment mandating the reduction in assessment and a full refund of overpaid taxes, the Nassau County Treasurer’s Office claims it has no money to pay your refunds.  Shortly after, your bank commences a foreclosure proceeding on your property because of your default.

Sound like the Twilight Zone?  It’s not – it’s real and it happening to numerous property owners inNassau County.  Members of the Nassau County Tax Certiorari Bar recently filed numerous Article 78 proceedings to mandate the Treasurer to comply with these Orders and Judgments and pay refunds, which it has not done in ANY settled tax assessment appeal case since mid-2011.  To add insult to injury, the 2012/13 property tax bills do not reflect the negotiated reduced assessments.  As a result, property owners continue to be wrongly taxed on the unreduced amount.


Learning to work with Auto Save | Macworld


For many of us, hitting Command-S once in a while as we work has become second nature. And many of us have developed workflows built around the Save As command–to create new files based on old ones, to preserve specific versions of files (Proposal v1.0 saved as Proposal v1.1), or to quickly copy file to new locations.

Fortunately, you can use Lion’s Auto Save and its associated commands to do all of that. You just have to get used to the new nomenclature.


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Ayah Bdeir: Building blocks that blink, beep and teach | Video on

Imagine a set of electronics as easy to play with as LegosTED Fellow Ayah Bdeirintroduces littleBits, a set of simple, interchangeable blocks that make programming as simple and important a part of creativity as snapping blocks together.

Ayah Bdeir is an engineer and artist, and is the founder of littleBits and karaj, an experimental art, architecture and technology lab in Beirut. Full bio »

Instead of having to program, to wire, to solder, littleBits allow you to program using very simple intuitive gestures.” (Ayah Bdeir)

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erasereraser (Photo credit: Cookieater2009)

Eraser is an advanced security tool for Windows which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Eraser is currently supported under Windows XP (withService Pack 3), Windows Server 2003 (with Service Pack 2), Windows Vista,Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

23rd May 2012, 10:30 am +800GMTEraser is Free software and its source code is released under GNU General Public License.

Eraser 6.0.10 has been released today. This is a bugfix release which continues to build on the stability Eraser 6 series. All users are recommended to upgrade to this version. Read the full announcement.

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New IRS Publication for Conduit Issuers of Tax-Exempt Bonds

The Internal Revenue Service has released the new Publication 5005Your Responsibilities as a Conduit Issuer of Tax-Exempt Bonds. This publication provides an overview for state and local governments of the responsibilities of the conduit issuer with respect to tax compliance in municipal financing arrangements commonly known as conduit financings.
This publication is based on the recommendations of the TE/GE Advisory Committee, also known as the ACT.

For more information about the above item or if you have other tax-exempt bonds questions, go to Tax Exempt Bond Community on
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DC Seeks IDEA Mediators

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education for the District of Columbia has just issued an RFP for IDEA mediators.  Here is the link to the posting for the Mediators:
To access it otherwise, you can log on to: and click on “solicitations” and then click on “list all opportunities”.

Add a Privacy Filter to Your Laptop–LPM Practice Managment Advisors

If you occasionally work on your laptop in a coffee shop, an airport, a meeting room, any public place, is your work protected from the curious eyes of the people around you?   Adding a privacy filter to your screen will narrow the viewing angle so that only the person looking directly at the screen has a readable view.  These filters also help protect the screens from damage and reduce glare. The filters are available at most office supply stores and from online retailers in a wide range of prices. 

iTunes – Books – Paperless by David Sparks


Paperless by David Sparks

This is the first book in the MacSparky Field Guide Series. This book is a large file (850 MB) and includes over 1.5 hours of video and screencasts. This books runs on all versions of the iPad.
  • $4.99  Requirements:This book can only be viewed using iBooks 2 on an iPad. iOS 5 is required.

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Typography for Lawyers


Equity: a new font for lawyers


A new text family designed by Matthew Butterick,

inspired by legal typography and the needs of legal writers.

Equity combines classic good looks with modern typesetting conveniences.

Only available at the TFL website.

Typog­ra­phy for Lawyers: the book

Typography for Lawyers book cover









Get the book that Bryan A. Garner,

editor in chief of Black’s

 Law Dictionarycalls a “tour de force” that’s

“smartly reasoned,” “well written,”

and “assuredly infallible.”



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