Mac: WhoPaste for the iPhone

WhoPaste is now available on the iPhone.
There are 2 different versions and both of them are available now in the iTunes App Store.

– WhoPaste works with the Contacts app on the iPhone (this syncs with Address Book or Outlook)
– WhoP-G works with Google Contacts.

Either of these can be used in conjunction with Dragon Dictation allowing you to capture new contact information by just SPEAKING!!

Here’s how it works:
Start the Dragon app
Tap ‘Record’
Say: “John Smith john s at gmail dot com 754 555 2345”
Tap ‘Done’
Tap ‘Send to Clipboard’
Start either WhoPaste or WhoP-G
Tap ‘Save’ -> a contact is created in either the Contacts app or in Google Contacts
It’s really pretty slick!!

Both of these iPhone apps also works just like WhoPaste on the desktop.
You can ‘copy’ any text from an email, or web page or whatever – and then launch the WhoPaste app that’s right for you.

In fact the desktop and the iPhone products share the same code base.
So usage reports from iPhone users will benefit the desktop version and vice versa.

WhoPaste: <>
WhoP-G: <>

Dragon Dictation: <>

SBLS: Pro Se Answer for Mortgage Foreclosure

South Brooklyn Legal Services: How to Answer a Foreclosure Complaint “Pro Se” (without an Attorney)

If you have received a Foreclosure Summons and Complaint, you have the right to serve and file an Answer to the Complaint pro se, which means without an attorney. This will guarantee that you receive notice of all future actions in the court case, and may help preserve your legal rights. If you don’t file an Answer, the judge will enter a “default” judgment against you and you could lose the right to raise any defenses to the foreclosure. You also may not receive notices from the court about what’s going on with your house and it could be sold without your knowing about it. The guide is designed to help you file an Answer. This should not replace finding a non-profit foreclosure prevention attorney or housing counselor to assist you. In New York City, dial 311 and ask for a referral to free foreclosure prevention services.

Pro Se Answer Instructions

Pro Se Answer Form

Hat Tip to:

Jimmy Lathrop
Attorney at Law
641 President Street Suite 202
Brooklyn NY 11215
Tel: (718)857-3663
Fax: (718)857-3665

Video Feeds from the House Floor

Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives HouseLive Beta

The U.S. House of Representatives offers streaming video feeds of the House Floor Proceedings dating back to the beginning of the 111th Congress. Click Video to watch each session, or click Summary to view the text-only version of the proceedings.Windows Media Player or Silverlight is required to view the videos.

Proceedings of the House of Representatives, including any recording of such proceedings, may not be used for any political purpose or in any commercial advertisement, and may not be broadcast with commercial sponsorship except as part of a bona fide news program or public affairs documentary program.

MacLitigator: iPad at Trial

iPad at Trial ォ MacLitigator

Maclitigator just completed a four day jury trial using the iPad as the primary means of getting information in front of the jury. Here is the low down on how it went with the simple setup for you to use.

The setup uses the free PDF to Keynote conversion utility.

Supreme Court Website Gets New Look, New URL

U.S. Courts | TTB | April 2010 | Supreme Court Website Gets New Look, New URL
Visitors looking for the Supreme Court’s public website will find an updated, more user-friendly website at a new url: Last month the Court took over hosting its website from the Government Printing Office and made a few changes to the site. The transition will help the Court integrate the website with the Court’s other operations, improve the quality of the site, and expand services to the public.

Unchanged: on-line access to the court’s slip opinions, orders, oral argument transcripts, schedules, Court rules, bar admission forms, and other familiar information.

New: enhanced search capabilities, an interactive argument calendar, improved graphics, and additional historic information.

Additional updates and expansion to Court website features are planned.

Hat tip to The Third Branch-Newsletter of the Federal Courts.

NDNY: Attorney Admission Ceremony & CLE

Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 9:30 a.m.

Attorney Admission Ceremony & CLE

“Take it to the Limit?: Effective Advocacy & the Ethical Boundaries of
Witness Preparation”
(1.5 Hours, 1.0 Ethics & Professionalism; 0.5 Skills)
James Hanley Federal Building & Courthouse
3rd Floor Ceremonial Courtroom, 100 S. Clinton St., Syracuse, New York
Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.

Complimentary luncheon following the program at Kitty Hoynes Restaurant.
Admission Application Deadline April 22, 2010.
Pre-registration for CLE & luncheon required by April 23, 2010.
Please visit the NDNY FCBA website for details at

Trista F. O’Hara, Esq.
Pro Se Coordinator
NDNY Federal Court Bar Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1306
Syracuse, New York 13201
Office #: (315) 422-2711
Toll Free #: 1-877-422-1011
Fax #: (315) 422-2778

Animal Legal Defense Fund: Animal Protection Laws Fifth Edition Now Available

This is an excellent resource for for lawyers, law professors, law students, legislators and other legal professionals. Download a complimentary copy! (Registration required)

A new edition of ALDF’s Animal Protection Laws of the United States of America and Canada is now available. Now at more than 3,800 pages in length, the fifth (and tenth anniversary) edition of the compendium contains a detailed survey of the general animal protection and related statutes for all of the states, principal districts and territories of the United States of America, and for all of Canada; up-to-date versions of each jurisdiction’s laws; easy, clickable navigation; and fully searchable content.

5 Free Online Services to Send an Email to a Fax Machine

5 Free Online Services to Send an Email to a Fax Machine

5 free services that let you send an email to a fax machine, but the three most common are in this first batch. The following three services are about as simple as they can get. Without any registration of any kind, you can simply visit the website, upload the file that you want to fax, type in the fax number and fire it off. The service simply faxes your document to the recipient you entered. Sound to good to be true? Well, it’s not. It is paid for by ad revenue on both the website and by placing ads on the cover page of your fax as well.





Hat Tip to makeuseof.comRead the entire article here.