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When UberConference came out in 2012, PC World called it the “best conference-call manager yet.” The service has only improved since then, making ease of use its calling card and adding significantly more services for the same low price (free). UberConference can be accessed from a personal computer or by using its Android and Apple compatible apps. Readers may sign up using Google, LinkedIn, or email accounts. From there, the one minute tutorial tells users everything they need to know about, inviting conference call participants, scheduling calls, and how to use the service during a call. 

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Schoenefeld v. State of New York

Full Text of Decision.

The court upheld N.Y. Judiciary Law § 470, requiring nonresident attorneys to maintain offices in New York State. Noting that more than 20,000 NYSBA members reside or practice outside the state, President David P. Miranda formed a working group to review the decision.

ORT’s TRID Closing Calendar

ORT’s  TRID Closing Calendar tool allows you and your customers to easily plan your settlement/signing dates in order to meet the CFPB’s TRID Rule timing requirements.

Select your closing method … and then click on a closing/recording date to see the desired closing timeline.

Pace Criminal Justice Blog — Recent #NYCA Decisions: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Pace Criminal Justice Blog has posted a new item, ‘Recent #NYCA Decisions:

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel’

The New York Court of Appeals has been busy on the criminal procedure front.

Last month it decided several cases, including three that addressed the issue

of ineffective assistance of defense counsel. In one, the court held that

counsel had been ineffective in failing to move to suppress a gun. In the second

and third, the […]

You may view the latest post at

The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW)

Free Online Training for Legal Professionals<>

The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW)<> just launched an enhanced and updated online tutorial for legal professionals! The purpose of this course is to improve legal professionals’ understanding of best practices for serving families affected by substance use disorders. This tutorial provides legal professionals with knowledge of alcohol and drug addiction and its impact on parenting; engagement strategies for families affected by substance use disorders; the substance use disorder treatment and recovery process; serving children whose parents have substance use disorders; and cross-system communication and collaboration between substance abuse treatment, child welfare and court system

This course is designed to help legal professionals:

1.    Understand how substance use disorders are developed and how substance use affects parenting.

2.    Know key steps to take when substance use is identified as a factor in a child abuse or neglect case.

3.    Understand strategies that motivate families to engage in treatment for substance use disorders.

4.    Understand treatment approaches for substance use disorders.

5.    Learn ways to help parents secure appropriate treatment for the benefit of children and families.

6.    Recognize the importance of addressing co-occurring conditions.

7.    Consider the special needs of children whose parents are struggling with substance use disorders.

8.    Use strategies and resources to assist families in the child welfare system that are grappling with substance use disorders.

9.    Use strategies and resources that support collaboration with treatment counselors and child welfare professionals.

Continuing Legal Education credit may be available through your state Bar Association. Contact your state for details on submitting a certificate of completion of on-line courses for CLE credits. To take this free online course, please click here<>.

Extension of Time to File – YouTube

  YouTube: Extension of Time to File

This new IRS YouTube video explains how to get more time to file your clients’ tax returns.

Information Posted about DEC’s New Approach for Clean Water Plans

DEC is implementing a new approach to addressing the water quality issues in identified lakes, rivers and streams on the Section 303(d) List of Impaired Waters. This new approach is described in a document just posted to DEC’s website entitled, the Vision Approach to Implement Clean Water Act 303(d) Program and Clean Water Planning (PDF, 832 KB). This document describes New York’s adaptive strategy to prioritize waterbodies for the development of clean water plans based on the state’s identified priority concerns: nutrients, pathogens and public use. For more information about clean water plans, visit DEC’s Clean Water Plans webpage.

Clearwaters Column on Wastewater Infrastructure Funding

A column about wastewater infrastructure funding written by DEC Deputy Commissioner for Water Resources James Tierney is now available on the Columns by DEC Staff Appearing in Clearwaters webpage. The column discusses several state and federal wastewater infrastructure funding opportunities. This column was originally published in this spring’s issue of Clearwaters magazine.


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