Overhaul of Spousal Maintenance Takes Effect This Month | New York Law Journal

Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal

October 1, 2015

ALBANY – Significant revisions will take effect in October in calculating pre- and post-judgment maintenance payments when spouses divorce in New York.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a bill (A7645/S5678) that represents the culmination of a spousal maintenance review that started in 2010, when New York became the last state in the country to adopt a no-fault grounds for divorce. At that time, legislative sponsors of no-fault divorce said they had cobbled together a last-minute compromise on maintenance and would circle back to make improvements in the coming years.


The portions of the new law pertaining to temporary maintenance will take effect Oct. 26; changes to permanent maintenance calculations will take effect on Jan. 25.

Read more: http://www.newyorklawjournal.com/id=1202738613407/Overhaul-of-Spousal-Maintenance-Takes-Effect-This-Month#ixzz3nfE8v5Di

For Sole Practitioners, the Future’s Not What It Used to Be

For Sole Practitioners, the Future’s Not What It Used to Be

by Stephen P. Gallagher and Leonard E. Sienko, Jr. 

(NYSBA Journal, Oct. 2015)

The nitty-gritty – and the joys – of a solo practice in the new (and changing) world order.

ACRIS Property Transfer Tax Calculator

The ACRIS calculator is specifically for the 5 counties in NY City http://a836-acris.nyc.gov/CP/CoverPage/CalculateTaxes

New York title insurance & transfer tax calculator-William A. McDonald

Easily calculate the New York title insurance rate and NY transfer tax; including the mansion tax. Information on the New York closing cost calculators will be added soon. Title insurance rates are regulated by the State of New York, therefore, title insurance rates will be the same between title insurers. This calculator should be useful for the mortgage lender seeking information on New York’s closing costs for GFE purposes. This calculator is designed for one to three family residential owner occupied homes. This New York title insurance calculator appears to function correctly; however, it is still under going testing

Read more: http://www.anytimeestimate.com/TITLE_INSURANCE/ny-title-insurance.htm#ixzz3h1XTIrlL

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Cuomo Vetoes Kiryas Joel Annexation Bills–“State of Politics”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo late Wednesday vetoed a pair of bills aimed at providing more oversight and enforcement of land annexations by the village of Kiryas Joel.

The legislation, backed by Republican Sen. Bill Larkin and Democratic Assemblyman James Skoufis, would have directed land annexations to the county planning agency or regional planning council.

A second measure would have required the state environmental conservation commissioner to consider federal and state regulations when it comes to annexations and disputes between municipalities.

Land annexations in the Hudson Valley community of Kiryas Joel, where the vast majority of residents are Hasidic Jews, is part of an ongoing controversy in Orange County and the town of Monroe.

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Matter of Paul T. v South Huntington Union Free Sch. Dist. (2015 NY Slip Op 25207)

Being bullied is not itself a legally recognizable disability if it does not rise to the level of adversely impacting educational performance.

High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in NYS – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

The SEQR Findings Statement for high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) was issued on June 29, 2015. This concluded DEC’s comprehensive, seven-year review and officially prohibits HVHF in New York.

The full 2015 Final SGEIS document is available as two large PDF files: Volume 1 (PDF) (35.8 MB) and Volume 2 (PDF) (8.4 MB). Although they are very large files, they are downloadable and searchable. Please note that new text in the final SGEIS has been underlined to indicate revisions to the 2011 revised draft SGEIS text, in accordance with the requirements of the SEQRA regulations, and vertical lines have been placed in the page margins at those locations.

Read and access all here.

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