Apple confirms OS X update broke Ethernet port on some Macs, here’s how to fix | 9to5Mac

If Apple hasn’t yet made the Ethernet network port on your Mac obsolete by not including it, as is the case with most Macs sold today, then it may have accidentally broke the port last week in an OS X kernel extension update. Many users complained about the issue online: they had randomly found their Macs no longer connecting to the Internet and their Ethernet port simply not working. Apple has now officially acknowledged the problem on its support pages. Luckily, the software problem isn’t permanent and the bug can, usually, be easily resolved.

Apple has already fixed the Ethernet software problem for users going forward. Here’s the fix if you were affected ..

Lawyers and clients beware: Spoof phone calls may direct funds to scammers-ABA Journa



Scammers may be “spoofing” phone numbers of attorneys–tricking caller ID into displaying whatever phone number the scammer wants it to display. According to the state bar, when unsuspecting clients answer the phone, they are then told they need to pay additional money to their attorney and are given a toll-free phone number to call. When they call that number, they are told how to send money to the scammer.

Read entire ABA Journal article on scam here.

Starship Delivery Robot Undergo Trials | Ubergizmo

The Starship robot, as it is known, is a self-driving, battery-powered box on wheels that has gone through 3,000 hours of testing and looks set to undergo local delivery trials in Greenwich.


What if there are vandals who would like to rob the Starship of its contents? Fret not, while it is not as feisty as R2-D2, they do come equipped with cameras and a warning signal. This is part of the €25 million EU Smart Cities project that will test out new and unproven technologies, hoping that such ideas will be able to enhance people’s lives. The integrated battery has a life of 2 hours thereabouts, with a delivery range of up to 30 minutes away, as it relies on GPS using 3G signals to get around at 4mph.

Read entire report from Ubergizmo here.

The possibilities for criminal law and civil liability seem interesting and extensive.

EPA Webinar on Financing Opportunities for Green Infrastructure Projects

EPA will be hosting a webinar on public and private financing opportunities to implement green infrastructure projects to manage stormwater.  The webinar will be held from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST on Wednesday, February 24. 

Speakers will include Josh Kurtz of The Nature Conservancy and Holly Galovotti of EPA’s Office of Wastewater Management.  The webinar is part of EPA’s Safe and Sustainable Water Resources research program.

Josh Kurtz of The Nature Conservancy will provide an overview of work done around the country that enables the utilization of public and private funding sources to implement green infrastructure (GI). In the following presentation, Holly Galavotti of EPA’s Office of Wastewater Management will provide an overview of innovative financing for GI projects through State Revolving…Read more


State Bar Seeks Changes to Power-of-Attorney Law | New York Law Journal

ALBANY – The New York State Bar Association is lobbying to change New York’s power-of-attorney statute, which its members say is fraught with procedural pitfalls that pose “significant and severe repercussions” for both lawyers and clients.

The bar’s Working Group on Power of Attorney said 2008 and 2010 revisions to the power-of-attorney statute failed to meet the intended goal of strengthening protections for potentially incapacitated principals.

Instead, the group says power-of-attorney paperwork is now riddled with “traps for the unwary.”

The state bar’s House of Delegates adopted the group’s findings and authorized a lobbying effort in Albany to have power-of-attorney procedures revert back to simpler pre-2008 procedures by amending General Obligations Law, §5-1501-§5-1514.

Ellen Makofsky, the chair of the panel, said the “continuous” errors being made in preparation of power-of-attorney documents is due to the unnecessary complexity of New York’s law.

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OASAS Treatment Bed Availability Dashboard Launched

The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) has launched a Bed Availability Dashboard application, which, according to a February 3 press release, “collects bed availability from State-certified alcohol and substance use disorder treatment providers daily and makes it available in real-time on the agency’s website.” Users can search by location (county, city, or zip code), organization name, gender (male, female, or transgender), and age group (adult or adolescent). The application is expected to include outpatient services soon.

Who We Are | DocumentCloud

DocumentCloud is a catalog of primary source documents and a tool for annotating, organizing and publishing them on the web. Documents are contributed by journalists, researchers and archivists. We’re helping reporters get more out of documents and helping newsrooms make their online presence more engaging.

DocumentCloud was founded in 2009 with a grant from the Knight News Challenge. After two years as an independent nonprofit organization, DocumentCloud became a project of Investigative Reporters and Editors in June 2011.

More “about” Document Cloud here.

How to draw and write with your Apple Pencil like a pro | iMore

Whether you’ve drawn many things or this is your first digital sketching tool, make the most of your Apple Pencil with these tips.

Apple’s Pencil stands out from the rest of the iPad stylus crowd for a number of reasons: It works in tandem with Apple’s display to create low-latency brush strokes, it’s lengthier than your average digital pen, and it charges via Lightning connector. But when it comes to drawing or writing with one, there are only a few basic techniques you need to know before you can start mastering your new tool.

Click here for the Apple Pencil tips.

Latest Adobe Creative Cloud Update Breaks Backblaze

Backblaze has discovered that the latest update (version: on February 11, 2016) of the Adobe Creative Cloud service can disable Backblaze backups on Mac computers.  Adobe has recently pulled this update, but if you have applied this update and use Backblaze on the Mac platform you should read our blog post on this topic to learn more.

Read the entire BackBlaze piece here.


We have been notified by Adobe that they have fixed the issue and are now distributing Adobe Creative Cloud version  Our initial testing of this new version indicates that it no longer disables or deletes Backblaze files and is safe to use with Backblaze.

Please note that at no time during this issue was your data that is stored with Backblaze at risk. 

What to do Next

1)  If you use Adobe Creative Cloud on the Mac, make sure you have updated to version or that at least you are not using version

2)  Read the most recent Backblaze blog post to learn more about the details and timeline of this problem.  There we discuss the full breadth of the Adobe issue, which extends beyond just affecting Backblaze users.