Panopticlick Shows How Easy Your Browser Is to Track

Panopticlick Shows How Easy Your Browser Is to Track – Privacy – Lifehacker
You’ve disabled cookies and opened a private browsing window, so you’re confident nobody can see what you’re visiting on the web. The Electronic Frontier Foundation begs to differ, and their Panopticlick webapp will show you how track-able you really are.

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AirMouse – the mouse that fits you like a glove

AirMouse – the mouse that fits you like a glove because it is one…or at least part of a glove. The wireless mouse utilizes an optical laser, and can run for a week without recharging. According to the company website, the clinically-tested product works by aligning itself with the ligaments of your hand and wrist. This lets you keep your hand in a neutral position, and transmits more of your vector force than would be possible with a regular mouse. Not only does this make it easier on your hand, but it increases your mousing speed and accuracy as well. The mouse is also designed to remain inactive until your hand is placed in a neutral, flat position, so you can easily go back and forth between typing and mousing.

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NYSBA Annual Meeting 2010-Live Webcasts

January 25 – 30th, 2010
Hilton New York, New York City

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Wednesday, January 27
2010 Presidential Summit
Panels to explore social media and wrongful convictions

A lawyer uses her iPhone inside a courtroom to tweet a disparaging remark about the judge. A man is freed after 16 years in jail for a crime he did not commit due to DNA evidence proving his innocence. These two diverse, yet true-to-life, examples demonstrate how social media and wrongful convictions have each affected the legal profession in the past year and spurred significant discussion about important issues ranging from attorney-client privilege to how faulty identification procedures can lead to a wrongful conviction.

Watch this event live as it happens: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Friday, January 29
HOD to discuss Code of Judicial Conduct
Chief Judge Lippman also scheduled to address delegates for the first time

The State Bar’s House of Delegates is expected to consider, on an informational basis, the report and recommendations of the Special Committee to Review the Code of Judicial Conduct when delegates convene today for the House meeting in Manhattan during the Annual Meeting. Other agenda items include committee and section reports.

View the live Webcast at 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Time)


myEN (Evernote) (myen) on Twitter

myEN lets you save tweets directly into your Evernote account. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Follow myEN

Step 2: You will receive a direct message from myEN containing a link. Click the link.

Step 3: Sign into Evernote and link your Evernote and Twitter accounts. If you don’t have an Evernote account, sign up. It’s free.

You’re all set! Now add ‘@myEN ‘ to any public tweet, or DM new notes to myEN

Evernote for Windows-3.5 Arrives

Evernote for Windows | Evernote Corporation
Capture all of your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Access everything whenever you need it from your PC, even when offline.

Create notes containing text, webclips, snapshots, to-dos, PDFs, and more–This is great way to “clip and save” legal research.

Take photos of everything from whiteboards to wine labels and Evernote will make them searchable

Premium users can attach any type of file to their notes

Download Evernote forWindows 3.5 free.

Transmute 1.67

As January turns into February, some people may be in the market for a new web browser. Of course, some may be wondering: What do I do about my bookmarks? That’s easy enough to solve by making use of Transmute 1.67. This tiny program transfers bookmarks from one browser to another. The program is compatible with seven different browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, and Chromium. The program provides automatic backups and the support site includes screen shots and support suggestions. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and newer.

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2010.

FINDLAW: Daily Opinion Summaries for U.S. Supreme Court – 01/21/10


Citizens United v. FEC, No. 08–205
The Court rules that the government may regulate corporate political speech through disclaimer and disclosure requirements, but it may not suppress that speech altogether. Specifically, in an action brought by a nonprofit corporation, the makers of a documentary critical of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy, challenging the constitutionality of a federal law prohibiting corporations and unions from using their general treasury funds to make independent expenditures for speech that was an “electioneering communication” or for speech that expressly advocated the election or defeat of a candidate, a denial of a preliminary injunction for plaintiff is reversed in part where Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce, 494 U.S. 652 (1990), is overruled, and thus provides no basis for allowing the government to limit corporate independent expenditures. Hence, the part of McConnell v. Federal Election Comm’n, 540 U.S. 93 (2007), that upheld the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act section 203’s extension of section 441b’s restrictions on independent corporate expenditures is also overruled. However, the order is affirmed in part where BCRA sections 201 and 311 were valid as applied to the ads for the documentary and to the movie itself because disclaimer and disclosure requirements may burden the ability to speak, but they impose no ceiling on campaign-related activities, or prevent anyone from speaking.

NY: Amanda’s Law-Carbon monoxide alarm requirements to go into effect February 22, 2010

As the result of legislation, Amanda’s Law will go into effect on February 22, 2010. It requires essentially all residences, both new and existing, to have carbon monoxide alarms installed. The specific requirements differ for new and existing residences and also on when the buildings were built and subcategories of occupancy groups.

Probably the most asked question will be the requirement for existing one and two family residences. They will be required to have one carbon monoxide alarm installed on the lowest story having a sleeping area.

The proposal to modify the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, in order to comply with Amanda’s Law, is in the process of being adopted as an emergency rule. The following link provides the proposed code text and legislation, Amanda’s Law.

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