Ten NY Law Professors Submit Amicus Brief in Gas Drilling Case « LAW OF THE LAND-Salkin

Dean Salkin joined with nine other law professors in an amicus brief to the NY Appellate Division, 3rd Dept. in Norse Energy v Town of Dryden.

She has made the following available:

A copy of the amicus brief from the law professors is available here

The Appellant’s brief (Norse Energy) is available here

The Town’s Brief is available here

An amicus brief from the US Chamber of Commerce in support of hydrofracking is available here 

The New York Farm Bureau‘s Amicus Brief is available here

The amicus brief of the Catskill Riverkeeper and other environmental groups is availablehere

The amicus brief of the Town of Ulysses, the Association of Towns of the State of NY, the NY Planning Federation and the New York Conference of Mayors is available here

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State’s Highest Court Distinguishes “Critical Evaluation” From “Reprimand” For Purposes of Public Employee Due Process Rights : New York Labor and Employment Law Report

From the New York Labor & Law Report-Bond, Schoeneck & King (an excellent free resource for NYS labor law-public and private)

Although public employers may be aware of their obligation to provide certain types of employees with an opportunity for a hearing prior to imposing discipline (such as a written reprimand), the line between a non-disciplinary counseling memorandum and a disciplinary reprimand is not always clear.  The New York State Court of Appeals’ recent decision in Matter of Michael D’Angelo v Nicholas Scoppetta serves as an important reminder that the term “reprimand” may be interpreted more broadly than public employers anticipate.
Read full text of decision below:

Matter of Michael D’Angelo v Nicholas Scoppetta

NYSBA | State Bar Association Co-Sponsors Superstorm Sandy Seminar Featuring Attorneys From New Orleans

Superstorm Sandy Seminar

The program will be held from 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, December 18, at the MetLife Building, 1095 Avenue of the Americas, 19th Floor, Manhattan. Topics are expected to include FEMA claims, flood and wind claims, and the National Flood Insurance Program.

The State Bar Association will host a free webcast of the program, which can be viewed at   www.nysba.org/fedbarfemaprogram.

The webcast can be viewed at www.nysba.org/fedbarfemaprogram.
To register for the program, go to www.networkofbarleaders.org. For further information, contact Jane Zaretskie, Federal Bar Association, at (571) 481-9107 or jzaretzie@fedbar.org.

The program is free to members of the bar.

The LIVE program qualifies for CLE credit – 1.5 hours skills and 1.5 hours Professional Practice.

The New York State Bar Association will create a webcast of the program. The webcast program can be viewed atwww.nysba.org/fedbarfemaprogram.  It will be archived and available after the program.


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Text  From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2012. https://www.scout.wisc.edu/

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