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The main reason I decided to try Evernote out as a task manager is its ability to show a lot of context for a given task. When I have to “finish my expense report” it’s really helpful to be able to keep all of my PDF receipts and the expense report Excel sheet right inside of that note. That way, once the notification pops up to remind me, all I have to do is tap on the note, and all the files I need are gathered in one place for me to get right to work.


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Sony Digital E-Ink Tablet


The Sony Digital Paper E-Ink Tablet is Now Availabe From Sony Directly.


Yellow pads, loose papers, and file folders are a thing of the past. Sony’s handheld letter-size Digital Paper lets you easily and securely access files, make and upload handwritten notes and annotated documents, save the files or archive for sharing with clients, colleagues, and co-workers. Increase productivity and streamline collaboration with others via shared files that show your markings and highlights. This superlative tool is durable, portable, and easy to use, with a user-friendly screen that reflects ambient light for easy legibility both indoors and out. Digital Paper makes an ideal complement to laptops and tablets.

Read and work on new documents or archives in sharp,

easy-to-read text and graphics, full letter size, so you

never need to scroll to read.¹ Digital Paper has a 13.3″

display that renders full-page letter-size (8.5″ x 11″)

documents in PDF format.

Just like writing with pen on paper, use the stylus to write

fluidly and directly on the panel, as well as easily highlight

and erase text. You have the same ease of movement,

plus the surface rejects your palm, so functionality is

never disrupted, the way it is on regular tablets.

Since files can be stored in a document repository,

you can collaborate with colleagues who need to work on

the same files or save your documents to the archives.

Using a service² like Box.com, Digital Paper lets you transfer your documents to and from the Cloud – wirelessly. Then view them, annotations and all, on any other device of your choosing, whether it’s a tablet, PC, Mac, or smartphone. So you can read, annotate, and save a PDF, then share it with your colleagues via your Box.com account.

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Dropbox for Lawyers and Law Firms: the User Guide–Lawyerist


Dropbox is popular with lawyers. According to the ABA’s most-recent technology survey, 58% of lawyers use Dropbox, making it the most popular online file storage option among lawyers. Here is everything you need to know about Dropbox, from how to install it to securing your client files.

Read Lawyerist User Guide here.

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iWatch reportedly set to debut in September–Gizmag


According to a report from Re/Code, Apple is set to announce its wearable device at its upcoming iPhone event in September. Though invites haven’t gone out yet, the same publication previously reported that the event would happen on September 9.

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Paperless Tip: Never Ever Send Word Files as Correspondence-The Lawyerist

by Todd Hendrickson on August 24th, 2014

Never ever ever send a Word file as “correspondence.” A Word file — or a WordPerfect, OpenOffice.org, or Pages file — is not a document. PDFs are documents. Word files are drafts. And sending a draft that includes your digital letterhead and signature to anyone is just plain stupid. Here’s why.

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Ruby on the App Store on iTunes


For clients of Ruby Receptionists: Update your whereabouts, view messages, and see all of your company’s call activity in one place. With Ruby Receptionists for iPhone, you have access to your daily call activity on the go. Let the receptionists know when you’re available to take calls with a flick of the wheel.


To take advantage of Ruby Receptionists for iPhone, you must be a current user of Ruby Receptionists live virtual receptionist service and have a Member Services username and password. To learn more about Ruby, please visit us at http://www.callruby.com. If you are a current Ruby client and need assistance logging in, please contact 866-611-7829 or staff@callruby.com.


– view your company’s account information to access forwarding phone numbers

– update your whereabouts to temporarily change the instructions that receptionists will follow

– view your company’s detailed messages, call activity, and “assist” activity

– save contact info from calls and messages directly to your address book

– one touch to access invoice history and update your credit card information

– one touch to call or email Ruby

– receive push notifications for new messages

Click here to download from App Store on iTunes.

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Today’s Tech: A Federal Judge And His iPad (Part 1) « Above the Law:


By Nicole Black


And it’s not just practicing lawyers who use tablets. Believe it or not, judges do, too. In fact, not only do some of them use tablets — some of them rely on their tablets to get their jobs done. Judge Richard Wesley of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is one of those judges. In this two-part series, I’m going to share with you how he uses his iPad to increase his efficiency on the bench and what he thinks about the effects of technology on the legal profession.

For Judge Wesley, the iPad is an indispensable tool that he uses on a daily basis. “The iPad was a game changer for me,” he explains. “With it, I can work from anywhere as long as I have wifi access. Once I realized that I could log into the federal court’s virtual private network and work securely from any location, the rest was history.”


Judge Wesley uses his iPad in a number ways, all of which provide him with increased flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. “I use it to prepare for an upcoming sitting. My secretary downloads all briefs and records. I review the files, add bookmarks, highlight sections, and add comments on them and highlight aspects of them. I also add comment boxes in which I list questions I want to ask about a particular section. Then I synchronize the changes with my hard drive in my chambers so the document no longer resides on my iPad,” he explains. “Also, my clerks produce bench memos for me, which I mark up, and they also include hyperlinks to the cases referred to so that clicking on the link takes me right into Westlaw.”


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Phone Forums and Webinars – Retirement Plans


 Sept. 4 Phone Forum: Correcting Retirement Plan Mistakes Using IRS Correction Programs

Sign up now for this Sept. 4 phone forum and learn how the IRS correction programs for retirement plans work, how to address common plan failures, tips to expedite submissions and how to resolve issues that can’t be addressed under the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System.

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Civil Code changes to protect animal rights in Quebec | CTV News

Civil Code changes to protect animal rights in Quebec | CTV News.


Once the Civil Code is amended, cats, dogs and other animals will no longer be considered as “personal property” but as living, “sentient” creatures. That is a formula that has already been adopted by several European countries.


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You can carry a privacy-minded wireless hotspot in your pocket–engadget

Devices like the Safeplug can deter companies and governments from snooping on your devices at home, but they’re not much good when you’re on the road. That’s where the PORTAL (Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty) project comes into play. Load the customized firmware on to certain travel hotspots (some TP-Link models and their clones) and you can maintain strong privacy anywhere you have internet access, without using special software; think of it as an anti-surveillance tool in your pocket. It not only puts you on the Tor anonymity network that spies hate so much, but supports connection masking add-ons that prevent your Tor data from being blocked. You can visit China without worrying that you’ll have to use an insecure, heavily censored connection just to get online.

Read about the main drawback in the rest of the article.

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