The benefits of 21st-century word processing tools for lawyers–ABA Journal


For many years, word processing tools were premises-based, and there were very few options. Most firms used either WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. Over time, Word began to dominate, in large part because it was the preferred tool in other industries.

Then, with the emergence of cloud computing tools a little over a decade ago, things began to change. Affordable–and sometimes even free–word processing tools are now available that are accessible online, providing much-needed mobility and flexibility. Lawyers can log on from any internet-enabled device and access their word processing software in the cloud. And using that software, they can create documents that can be stored online in one convenient location.

Even better–there are collaboration tools built right into the software, allowing lawyers to work together in real time. These online collaboration features make it easier than ever to streamline the document creation process, saving both time and money.


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