ABA publication – Child Safety: A Guide for Judges and Attorneys (Free)

Today’s Share:


“Ever wonder what “parenting classes” have to do with child safety?  Ever wish that child welfare workers would use plain language in describing their investigation?  Ever been frustrated at a hearing in which the parent has met all of the conditions in the reunification plan, but the parties can’t assure the Court that the child can be safely returned?

 If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, this publication was written to assist you. Through a unique collaboration, the National Resource Center for Child Protective Services and the National Child Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues have produced a document which not only answers these questions, but is targeted at taking the mystery out of assuring child safety.”



Hat tip to:

Angela Olivia Burton, Esq.

Director of Quality Enhancement, Parent Representation

New York State Office of Indigent Legal Services

80 South Swan Street, 29th Floor

Albany, New York 12210

Desk:  518-474-4859

Cell:  518-491-0094

Fax:  518-474-0505



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