Mac: WhoPaste for the iPhone

WhoPaste is now available on the iPhone.
There are 2 different versions and both of them are available now in the iTunes App Store.

– WhoPaste works with the Contacts app on the iPhone (this syncs with Address Book or Outlook)
– WhoP-G works with Google Contacts.

Either of these can be used in conjunction with Dragon Dictation allowing you to capture new contact information by just SPEAKING!!

Here’s how it works:
Start the Dragon app
Tap ‘Record’
Say: “John Smith john s at gmail dot com 754 555 2345”
Tap ‘Done’
Tap ‘Send to Clipboard’
Start either WhoPaste or WhoP-G
Tap ‘Save’ -> a contact is created in either the Contacts app or in Google Contacts
It’s really pretty slick!!

Both of these iPhone apps also works just like WhoPaste on the desktop.
You can ‘copy’ any text from an email, or web page or whatever – and then launch the WhoPaste app that’s right for you.

In fact the desktop and the iPhone products share the same code base.
So usage reports from iPhone users will benefit the desktop version and vice versa.

WhoPaste: <>
WhoP-G: <>

Dragon Dictation: <>