Alltop – Top Law News

Alltop – Top Law News

Alltop–All the top Legal news is Guy Kawasaki’s latest brainstorm; i.e., a sort of super RSS feed of the top news from blogs and other sources on a topic of your choosing. Read the summary, click through to the full piece, and Post to Twitter.

Its harder to describe than to use.



AlertThingy v3 brings the very latest updates from your favourite social networks direct to your desktop. Plus send Tweets, update your Facebook status, upload photos to Flickr, post to Tumblr and more. With v3 AlertThingy makes it faster and easier to manage the online you. Plus you get an RSS reader.

Now, for business users they have Yammer, Basecamp and Huddle integrations. So you can mix work and play.


Requires Adobe AIR be installed first.