Social Security stops trying to collect on old taxpayer debts – The Washington Post


The Social Security Administration announced Monday it will immediately cease efforts to collect on taxpayers’ debts to the government that are more than 10 years old.

The action comes after The Washington Post reported that the government is seizing state and federal tax refunds that were on their way to about 400,000 Americans who had relatives who owed money to Social Security. In many cases, the people whose refunds were intercepted had never heard of any debt and the debts dated as far back as the middle of the past century.

Read entire report here.

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The Social Security Administration has implemented a variety of new rules and features for 2013. The two-year payroll tax cut has officially ended, and paper Social Security checks will soon cease to be printed. A growing number of Social Security services will also be online this year. Courtesy of Yahoo! Finance, here’s a look at some of the recent Social Security changes that go into effect this year:

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