Lawyers Won’t Lose Clients to DIY Legal Services=Lawyerist

Sam Glover:

Currently, consumers can pick from a range of options for do-it-yourself legal services. You can get a divorce at OfficeMax, a will from Amazon, and dissolve a partnership with LegalZoom. Those are just a few examples, of course. There are hundreds of DIY legal documents available online and offline.

People who want to do their own legal work are, naturally, not likely to hire a lawyer in the first place. And people who hire lawyers do not want to do their own legal work.

Read Sam’s entire piece and find out why he thinks “…now is not the time to panic…”.

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Sam Glover has got your solo and small office scanner needs covered.  The fact that I agree with him about the Fujitsu line of desktop scanners is merely coincidental.  Take a look at Sam’s comparisons.

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