60 Apps in 60 Minutes 2014–iPhone J.D.


At ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago, Brett BurneyChad BurtonReid Trautz and Jeff Richardson presented the 2014 installment of 60 Apps in 60 Minutes.  They highlighted a variety of apps including some great new apps, some perennial favorites, and some that were thrown in mostly for the entertainment value.  Here is a the full list.  Many apps are free, but note that some of those require subscriptions or can have extra fees associated with them (e.g. the WestlawNext and Lexis Advance apps).  All of them are worth taking a look at.

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The Best Alternatives for Every Pre-Loaded iPhone App-Gizmodo

The iPhone comes with a bunch of apps you never use. Some of them are poorly implemented. Others are lacking important features. Fortunately, there’s a whole world of developers offering some very viable third-party alternatives. Unfortunately you can’t delete the apps your iPhone comes with, but here are some alternatives that will free you from their boring grips.


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60 Apps in 60 Minutes for Judges – iPhone J.D.

Last week, Jeff RichardsonI teamed up with Judge Dan Hinde fromHarris County, TX (269th Civil Court) to give a presentation at the Texas Center for the Judiciary‘s Annual Conference.  They did a “60 Apps in 60 Minutes” session recommending apps that might be of interest to Texas judges, but most of the apps that they discussed would be of interest to others as well so Richardson thought it might be useful to share the list on his blog,  iPhone J.D.  Here is a link to the apps that they recommended