ALM/Lexis Deal Good News for Some, But Not for Others – Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites

Legal news company ALM and legal research company LexisNexis this week announced an expansion of their content licensing agreement that is good news for LexisNexis subscribers but not so good news for the rest of the legal community.

Since 2011, LexisNexis has had the exclusive license to archived content from all ALM publications, which include The American LawyerCorporate CounselThe National Law JournalLegaltech News, the Law.comwebsite, and a number of other regional and specialty publications.

Yesterday’s announcement extends this relationship for an unspecified term and also opens opportunities for direct integration of ALM content into LexisNexis legal research products. According to the press release, the way ALM content is delivered through LexisNexis Newsdesk will be streamlined so it is delivered directly from ALM.

Direct integration will also mean that case law references within ALM online publications will link directly to the actual cases in Lexis Advance, according to the release. LexisNexis users will be able to use a single password to access all LexisNexis and ALM content.


Read all of Robert Ambrogi’s report here.

Alcohol Detection Systems For Alcohol Prevention | Soberlink

Soberlink innovates and develops technology designed for monitoring alcohol use. The Soberlink System promotes accountability and connectivity through real-time mobile testing and alerts.

Soberlink, along with the Web Portal Sober Sky, is currently used in Family Law to help parents manage sobriety and in other settings where monitoring is beneficial.

Soberlink is the innovator of the first truly mobile handheld alcohol monitoring solution. The Soberlink Cellular is a patented, discreet cellular device that transmits breath alcohol tests directly from the Soberlink Cellular Breathalyzer to Soberlink’s monitoring website. The Soberlink Cellular has a proven track record in Criminal Justice and Family Law with a presence in all 50 states and Canada. ($499.00)

The Soberlink Bluetooth smartphone breathalyzer offers the convenience of submitting breath alcohol tests through an iPhone or iPad‘s existing Wi-Fi or cell connection. Soberlink Bluetooth’s versatility allows for mobile alcohol monitoring from virtually anywhere in the world.($299.00)

For more information, click here.

Real Estate Shell Companies Scheme to Defraud Owners Out of Their Homes – The New York Times


A review by The New York Times of several dozen cases, and interviews with lawyers, prosecutors and others knowledgeable about fraudulent deed transfers, suggests they are accelerating even as officials struggle to address them. The city’s Department of Finance said it was investigating 120 cases, many of them hard to crack because of the role played by LLCs, officials said. Underscoring the rising alarm over the problem, the state attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, and the Brooklyn borough president, Eric L. Adams, held a forum last month to warn property owners about it.


Read entire NYTIMES article here.

Surface Pro 4 review: Microsoft’s safer choice is a (deceptively) big upgrade

Will Shanklin:


If you’ve used a Surface Pro 3, then the Pro 4 is going to look very familiar. There aren’t any major size or form factor changes, and its big upgrades come in subtle – deceptively so – places. Things like a slightly bigger and sharper screen, an improved cooling system (so the fan runs less frequently) and longer battery life.

In a nice change of pace from what we see from many companies, Microsoft is sharing one of the Surface Pro 4’s biggest upgrades with owners of the Surface Pro 3. The new models’ Type Cover, which is backwards compatible with the SP3, has snappier-feeling keys and a larger glass trackpad. The Pro 3 was already doing pretty well in this respect, but the new keyboard cover makes laptop mode a practically uncompromised experience.

There’s also a (US$30 more expensive) Type Cover with an embedded fingerprint sensor on it, but that’s a better fit for Pro 3 owners than buyers of the new model. That’s because the new Surfaces have a front-facing camera with facial recognition capabilities, basically voiding out any need for a fingerprint sensor.


Read the entire review here.

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iPad Pro – Improving Our Paperless World

Paul Unger:


This month, the iPad Pro will hit the market. It sports some pretty hefty features, not the least of which is a screaming fast A9X chip, which is almost twice as fast as the processor in the last iPad generation. It has a 12.9 inch screen, which makes it larger than the 12.0 inch Surface Pro 3. The keyboard is fantastic and doubles as a case, though is a bit expensive at $169. Perhaps one of my favorite features is the Apple Pencil for $99. 


Read entire review here.

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Proposed Uniform Attorney Discipline Rules

The state Office of Court Administration seeks comments on the proposedtUniform Rules of the Appellate Division on Attorney Discipline. The proposed rules, announced November 4, 2015, offer “a harmonized approach to the attorney disciplinary process within the four Departments of the Appellate Division,” according to OCA.

“Our Committee on Professional Discipline will review the proposal and make recommendations to our Executive Committee. We will submit our comments prior to the December 18 deadline,” said New York State Bar Association President David P. Miranda.  NYSBA members can email comments to the Association at:

The proposed OCA rules are available by clicking here and scrolling down.

Review: Apple TV (2015 edition) – iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:

The fourth generation of the Apple TV went on sale this past Friday.  I bought one and have had a chance to use it over the weekend.  If you have used either of the two prior models of the Apple TV (the second generation came out in 2010; the third generation in 2012), there is much that is similar.  You still have a home screen with icons, and you scroll down to see more icons.  Some features have barely changed at all from the prior model except for an updated interface, such as the ability to use Home Sharing to stream your music, photos and videos (purchased or home videos) from a Mac on your home network that is running iTunes.  But one thing is very different, and it has the potential to make the Apple TV infinitely better than prior models:  the ability to download apps.

Read Jeff’s comprehensive review here.

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