Vaccination Requirements applicable to All Students–Office of Special Education Listserv Memo 9-9-2019


  • Public Health Law §2164, as amended by Chapter 35 of the Laws of 2019, ended the non-medical immunization exemption and prohibits a school from permitting any child to be admitted to such school, or to attend such school, in excess of 14 days without sufficient evidence that the child has received all age appropriate required vaccinations; with limited exceptions as described below.
  • For year round programs, the 14 day clock started on June 14.   For students who were enrolled in summer school or an extended year program, the first day of summer school is when the 14-day window started.  For all other students attending school in the Fall, the 14-day window starts with the first day of school in September.
  • A student who did not attend summer school or an extended school year program is permitted to attend school in the fall for 14 days without proof of immunizations. However if by day 14 they have not provided proof of having received the first dose in each vaccinations series, such student must be excluded beginning on day 15; except as otherwise described below.
  • The 14 days may be extended where the student is transferring from out of state or from another country and can show a good faith effort to get the necessary evidence or where the parent, guardian or any other person in parental relationship can demonstrate that a child has received the first age-appropriate dose in each immunization series and that they have age appropriate scheduled appointments for follow-up doses to complete the immunization series in accordance with the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Recommended Immunization Schedules for Persons Aged 0 through 18.
  • A student with a valid medical exemption may attend the school.


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