Safeguarding the Integrity of Our Courts: The Impact of ICE Courthouse Operations in New York State


The report begins with an overview of the astronomical increase (1700%) in ICE courthouse operations since 2016 and shows the negative impact of this increase on countless stakeholders. Statewide, law enforcement agencies, from district attorney offices to the Attorney General’s Office, have publicly condemned ICE for disrupting the trust between New York’s immigrant residents and law enforcement. District attorney offices that participated in the Coalition’s data-gathering describe how victims, survivors, and witnesses were often too fearful to pursue justice in courts or to participate in their services geared toward immigrant residents. Advocates similarly point out a pronounced chilling effect among victims, survivors, and witnesses in reporting abuses to law enforcement or pursuing legal claims. Most disturbingly, advocates also reported how ICE’s highly publicized tactics have emboldened abusers, who use threats of deportation to keep their clients from seeking legal redress. Public defender organizations recount how disruptive ICE’s recent tactics have been to not just their attorneys’ daily work but also to their resource allocation and morale.


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New Rules Limit ICE’s Arrest Ability in New York State Courts | New York Law Journal

By Colby Hamilton


New York state’s Office of Court Administration issued updated rules Wednesday that immigration advocates hailed as a check on the ability for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to make arrests inside state courthouses, just a week after a new, 80-page report detailed the impact of federal immigration officials operating in the state courthouses.

“We have concluded that this report provides us with a sufficient basis to take the step that many have asked us to take to require that ICE present a judge-issued warrant before conducting an arrest in a state courthouse,” Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks told the New York Law Journal. “Although we’re not aware that any other court system in the country has taken this step, this comprehensive, well-documented report has convinced us that this change in policy is now appropriate and warranted.”


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Committee on Veterans–NYSBA

Please see the note from the Committee on Veterans Chair, Jessica Parker.

Dear Section Leaders-

I am the Chair for the Committee on Veterans. As you are probably aware, Veterans face a variety of legal issues, whether caused by their service, complicated by it or, in some instances, which create opportunities they would not otherwise have.

We did a program in March on establishing and running Veteran run businesses, focusing on formation, funding and contract opportunities. We have already spoken with a few of the Sections about additional programming, i.e.,:

  • Labor and Employment Section re: USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act), which, among other things, establishes the rights and responsibilities of Veteran employees and employers around deployment, service connected issues, etc.;
  • Family Law Section re: support adjustments and custody
  • Criminal Law Section re: the potential negative effects of criminal convictions on a Veterans’ military career and upon retirement benefits.

We are looking to collaborate with more of the Sections on programming which educates NYSBA members of nuances they should and would want to be aware of when representing Veterans.  If your Section is interested in collaborating, please contact me ( ).

As you may not be aware, unlike the Sections which have 2 Communities – 1 for communications among EC members and 1 for communications with your Section’s members- the Committees, as they serve NYSBA as a whole, only typically have a Community for communications among Committee members and, therefore, it can be challenging to get information about this important programming out to NYSBA members. We have arranged with NYSBA to create a Friends of the Committee on Veterans Community for NYSBA members who are interested in being alerted to Veteran-related programming. We would be grateful if you would inform your members, EC and Section, as to the availability of this Community and encourage those who do or may work with Veterans to join (it is an “opt-in” Community).  In order to join the Community, folks should contact  who will add them.

Last, we would love to have a liaison from your Section’s EC to our Committee.  Please provide the name and email of the person you would like to appoint to our Section Liaison, Stacey Whitely ( ). The liaison would be included in the Committee’s planning Community and be invited to Committee meetings/calls (approx. 6 per year). This would be a great way to foster collaboration and facilitate the creation of programming that would be effective, interesting and relevant for attorneys serving Veterans and for NYSBA members generally.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact me ( ) or Stacey ( ) with any questions.


Jessica Parker

Chair, Committee on Veterans


Stacey Whiteley, Managing Director of Legal and Community Services

New York State Bar Association

One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207