We’ll Meet Again, Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When » LII Announce

Tom Bruce announces his retirement from Legal Information Institute.


So, it’s time.  June 30th will be my last day as Director of the Legal Information Institute.

That is good reason for mixed feelings. The LII has been the center of my professional and personal life for the last 27 years. The step away will leave a large gap in both.  Some of the challenges have not changed much over three decades, but many have. It’s time for fresh perspectives. And I’m ready for a third career, or a seventh, depending on how you count.


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Editor’s Note:  It seems like it was just yesterday (1993), that some of us from NYSBA were sitting in the cafeteria at Cornell Law School, having been blown away by a presentation by Tom Bruce and Dean Peter Martin on the concept they were developing of “adding value” to legal materials available in the public domain.  That concept became LII and spread around the world.  I look forward to seeing what Tom’s next career brings forth.

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