Online Survey| Albany Law School’s Rural Law Initiative


Albany Law School’s Rural Law Initiative has asked for the assistance of the Association of Towns with marketing a survey as they attempt to develop a realistic portrait of rural legal practice in New York.


Link to the survey:


Thank you for considering our request for your participation.


Christopher Anderson

Director of Research and Programming

Association of Towns of the State of New York

150 State Street, Albany, New York 12207-1671

Phone (518) 465-7933



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The Rural Law Initiative at Albany Law School’s Government Law Center, in partnership with UAlbany’s Center for Human Services Research, is surveying the 5,258 attorneys registered in 42 rural counties.


This project will provide a data-driven, realistic portrait of the state of rural legal practice in New York. The empirical data that will come from this research will have multiple uses for diverse stakeholders, including governments invested in their rural communities, as well as rural lawyers, legal services organizations, and community-based organizations.


If you are a practitioner in rural New York, please fill out this survey now, and share it with your local bar association and others within your legal network. The more of us who fill it out, the better the data.


Deadline: October 19, 2018. The survey closes in two weeks and this is the final push for submissions. Please make your voice count and help us understand the realities of rural practice.


If you have any questions about this survey please be in touch with Taier Perlman, Staff Attorney at the Rural Law Initiative at (518) 445-3263 or

A suspect is forced by the FBI to unlock an iPhone using facial recognition–ABA Journal

An Apple iPhone X user, suspected of possessing child pornography, was forced by the FBI use facial recognition to unlock their phone.

ForbesEndgadget and CNET all have coverage.

Forbes reports this is the first known case where law enforcement in any country has compelled someone to unlock their phone using Apple Face ID.

On Aug. 10, the FBI searched the Columbus, Ohio, home of Grant Michalski. Using his face, Michalski unlocked his phone at the FBI’s request, at which point the agent was able to go through chats, photos and any other accessible material.

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New York Issues Final Model Sexual Harassment Policy and Training Guidelines – Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC

By: Subhash Viswanathan

On October 1, the New York State Division of Human Rights issued its final model sexual harassment policy and training guidelines to assist employers in complying with the new sexual harassment legislation that will become effective October 9, 2018.  One piece of good news for employers is that the Division’s final training guidelines no longer require that employers train all employees by January 1, 2019, as the Division initially proposed.  Instead, according to the FAQs, employers will have until October 9, 2019 — a full 12 months from the effective date of the legislation — to complete the training for all employees