A.G. Underwood Announces Agreement With Avvo | New York State Attorney General

NEW YORK – Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood today announced an agreement with Avvo, an online legal directory, to reform its attorney rating system and improve its disclosures to consumers after an investigation by the Attorney General’s office revealed that the content and limits of Avvo’s rating system were not clearly disclosed. Avvo relied on attorneys to voluntarily provide additional information to their profiles to determine rankings – resulting in those that added information to their profiles generally having higher ratings than those who did not participate. In addition to changing its practices, Avvo will pay $50,000 to the State.

Users fret over Chrome auto-login change – Naked Security


Users were complaining this week after discovering they’d been logged in to Google’s Chrome browser automatically, after logging into a Google website.
Recently… Matthew Green, assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University and a cryptography expert, discovered that an update to Chrome has been signing users into their Chrome browsers whenever they logged in to a Google website. He blogged about it in full here.

The Legal Fight For Yellowstone’s Grizzly Bears | Earthjustice

Federal safeguards for Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly bears were reinstated on Sept. 24, after Judge Dana L. Christensen ruled that THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION’S DECISION TO STRIP ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT PROTECTIONS FROM THE GRIZZLIES WAS ILLEGAL.

Facebook Warns Memphis Police: No More Fake “Bob Smith” Accounts | Electronic Frontier Foundation


Facebook has a problem: an infestation of undercover cops. Despite the social platform’s explicit rules that the use of fake profiles by anyone–police included–is a violation of terms of service, the issue proliferates. While the scope is difficult to measure, EFF has identified scores of agencies who maintain policies that explicitly flaunt these rules.

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