I’m An In-House Hustler, Baby (And So Are You) | Above the Law

By **

In the not too distant past, I received a “stand” email. As in an “I took the time to write you a multi-paragraph email to tell you everything I can’t stand about you, and P.S. I also kick around orphan puppies in my spare time” kind of email. Cool, cool, cool. I never expected to be everybody’s cup of tea. I’m pretty sure at any given moment at least half a dozen of my business people are plotting my bloody demise.
**Kay Thrace (not her real name) is a harried in-house counsel at a well-known company that everyone loves to hate. When not scuffing dirt on the sacrosanct line between business and the law, Kay enjoys pub trivia domination and eradicating incorrect usage of the Oxford comma. You can contact her by email at KayThraceATL@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @KayThrace.

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