Cashing in with credit-card processing software–ABA Journal


In prior columns I have covered time-tracking software and legal billing software with the promise that I’d eventually focus on payment processing software for law firms. Well that time has come, and in this column I’ll explain the ins and outs of choosing the right payment processing vendor for your law firm.

You’ll learn why law firms should consider using payment processing software, the types of legal-specific tools available, and how to determine which one will be the best fit for your law firm.

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Logitech Crayon Review & Rating |

By Elisabeth Sullivan

Students and teachers disappointed by the Apple Pencil‘s flaws–its easily losable cap, its tendency to roll away, and of course, its high $99 price (or $89 for schools)–finally have the perfect solution: The Logitech Crayon. Through an Apple Education representative, schools (and only schools) can purchase the kid-friendly Crayon stylus for $49.95, compatible with the current (sixth-generation) iPad, for taking notes and drawing in the classroom. It’s every bit as functional as the Apple Pencil, and in some cases even more so, earning it our Editors’ Choice.

Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download Manager is a Chrome extension that enhances Chrome’s built-in download features. For example, Chrono provides a “detect all images/audio/video on this page” button that will generate a list of resources it could download. Users may then narrow this list by file type or regular expression filtering on file names. Download rules can also be configured to sort files into different folders based on file type, file name, and other attributes. The FAQ section on the Chrono website provides detailed documentation on the rule system along with examples. Chrono Download Manager is available for Google Chrome via the Chrome Web Store.

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