Fired DCJS director accuses commissioner of misleading oversight panel – Times Union


The former director, Brian J. Gestring, headed DCJS’s forensic science unit before he was fired that month following an unrelated workplace misconduct investigation. In a letter sent Friday to the state Commission on Forensic Science, Gestring said that Green also did not disclose to the commission that the agency had three “catastrophic” cases in the past year in which it misidentified suspects who had been linked to crimes through DNA.


Upcoming IRS Web Conferences: Payment Options and Practicing before the IRS

Register now for the web conference, “Understanding Payment Options,” on June 7. The web conference will provide an overview of:

• Ways to pay taxes: Withholding and Estimated Taxes
• “Paycheck Checkup”: IRS’ online Withholding Calculator
• Who must make Estimated Tax Payments and payment due dates
• Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) and Direct Pay
• Ways to Avoid the Estimated Tax Penalty
• Resources to help meet federal tax payment requirements

The conference will include a live question and answer session.

Register for Session 1, 11am EST, or Session 2, 2pm EST. All participants who qualify will receive a Certificate of Completion and earn one continuing education (CE) credit.

Registration is also open for the rebroadcast of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility’s webinar, “What You Need to Know about Practicing Before the IRS,” on June 13, at 2 pm EST.

Participants who qualify can earn two CE credits. Register now.

Is there an ethical problem with attorneys ghostwriting for pro se clients?–ABA Journal



ABA Formal Opinion 07-446 also approves of lawyers ghostwriting for clients, viewing it as a “form of ‘unbundling’ of legal services.” The ABA opinion reasons that pro se clients receiving ghostwriting services should not be required to disclose that fact: “Because there is no reasonable concern that a litigant appearing pro se will receive an unfair benefit from a tribunal as a result of behind-the-scenes legal assistance, the nature or extent of such assistance is immaterial and need not be disclosed.”

“We conclude that there is no prohibition in the Model Rules of Professional Conduct against undisclosed assistance to pro se litigants, as long as the lawyer does not do so in a manner that violates rules that otherwise would apply to the lawyer’s conduct,” the 2007 ABA opinion says.


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FDIC: BankFind Home

FDIC BankFind allows you to locate FDIC-insured banking institutions.

The FDIC offers many economic and financial resources through its public web site. This Bank Data Guide is a summary of the tools that are available.

Many of these products also offer the following:

The FDIC has modified a few of our data products – BankFind, Institution Directory, Statistics on Depository Institutions, Summary of Deposits, Historical Statistics on Banking and the Report of Structure Changes. Features now include enhanced navigation, streamlined access to data and consolidated Help pages.

A complete list of our products are available at:

Other products available include the printable version of the Bank Data Guide – PDF 1,278k (PDF help) and the Quick Reference Table.