Atheist Sues to Avoid Alcoholics Anonymous Treatment – CourtSide

By Ceylan Pumphrey, Esq.


According to Lindon’s complaint, he claims that in order successfully complete his probation and treatment, he was required to take part in Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program. More specifically, Lindon claims that his failure to participate in the 12-step program would result in “incarceration or other detrimental consequences.”

Lindon’s specific issue with this program is that it’s dependent on belief in a “higher power” or a single God and “compelling any person to attend de facto religious services as a part of mandatory substance abuse treatment program is a predictable and systemic violation of constitutional law.” After objecting to the religious element of Alcoholics Anonymous program, Lindon claims that the staff at the treatment center refused to adjust his treatment plan.

You can read the full lawsuit below:

James Lindon Complaint by FindLaw on Scribd