Your iPhone tracks every place you visit. Here’s how to see the map. | Cult of Mac



Your iPhone knows where you are, and it remembers where you have been. It keeps a record of your frequent hangouts — aka “significant locations” — and uses this data to make location-based suggestions using Siri and to power other features. Don’t panic, though: This data is kept on your phone, not collected by Apple.

Maybe you want to switch it off anyway, though. Perhaps you’re having an affair and don’t want your suspicious spouse to find out where you and your lover hook up. Or you’re an undercover cop and don’t want your visits to the police station to show up on your phone. Today we’ll see how to access your recent locations data, remove it, and switch it off altogether.


ICE raids 7-Eleven stores in immigration crackdown

Federal agents on Wednesday raided nearly 100 7-Eleven stores in 17 states and Washington, D.C., in an immigration crackdown.

The raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement resulted in 21 arrests of workers believed to be in the country illegally, report the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Washington Post and Fox Business.


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