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California becomes the first state to enact a ban on the sale of non-rescue pets at pet stores. AB 485 was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday, October 13th. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2019 and prohibits a pet store operator from selling a cat, dog, or rabbit in a retail pet store unless it was obtained from a public animal control agency or shelter or rescue group. It also requires each pet store to maintain records sufficient to document the source of each dog, cat, or rabbit the pet store sells for at least one year, and to post, in a conspicuous location on the cage or enclosure, a sign listing the name of the entity from which each animal was obtained. Violators of any provision are subject to a $500 civil penalty.

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New York Courts Say: Hand It Over | The Marshall Project


The link between wrongful convictions and Brady violations prompted the New York court system to release a new rule this week. Beginning in January, judges will issue an order reminding prosecutors of their obligation to turn over “information favorable to the defense.” Some judges already routinely issue such orders, but this will require all judges to do so in every criminal case.

3 New Ethics Opinions Guide New York Lawyers on Marketing Issues – Legal Ease Blog


  • Allison C. Shields
The New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics issued three opinions within the past several months that provide guidance for New York lawyers on marketing issues. Opinion 1129, issued in July 2017, addresses attorney newsletters. Opinion 1131, covering payment for marketing or lead generation fees, and Opinion 1132, discussing the use of Avvo Legal Services, were both issued on August 8, 2017.

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