Undocumented Immigrants Can Practice Law in the U.S. – Greedy Associates

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By George Khoury, Esq


California, New York, and Florida have all made national headlines for admitting undocumented immigrants. However, these states are not alone. Illinois, Nebraska, and Wyoming also permit undocumented immigrants to be admitted to their state bars.

While there have only been a few reported instances of an undocumented immigrant seeking admission to any state’s bar, this is expected to increase in the coming years as a result of DACA. Based upon when it was passed, and the age of the individuals it covers, there could a small wave of undocumented immigrant J.D.s seeking admission to bars across the country.


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Top 5 FAQs on Smart Contracts and Legal AI Services – Technologist

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Legal software keeps getting better and better. While the fear of being replaced by an artificially intelligent robot looms more closely for some lawyers than others, for the rest of us, the technological advances just make practicing law even better, and easier.

If you’ve been thinking about using smart contracts, or some other type of legal AI software or service, you probably have a few questions. Below you’ll find five of the top frequently asked questions on smart contracts and legal AI software.

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