How AI Will Change the Practice of Law – Law Technology Today

Nikki Black is out on the bleeding edge of legal technology, thinking about Artificial Intelligence in the practice of law.  She notes several AI programs already in use in law offices.


A lot has been written in recent months about “robot lawyers” and their potential to replace attorneys at all levels of the profession, decimating the demand for flesh and blood lawyers in the process. What’s the truth behind the hype? Will artificial intelligence (AI) have a profound affect on the legal industry and in what ways?

Certainly, all signs point to AI being the next big legal technology trend, but what remains to be seen is where automation and analytics software will have the most impact on the practice of law and how fast the rate of adoption will be. AI software will undoubtedly supplement some aspects of lawyering, but most likely it will do so by allowing machines to do much of the tedious drudgery so common in some aspects of the practice of law, allowing lawyers to focus on higher level analytical work.


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