Lawyers and clients beware: Spoof phone calls may direct funds to scammers-ABA Journa



Scammers may be “spoofing” phone numbers of attorneys–tricking caller ID into displaying whatever phone number the scammer wants it to display. According to the state bar, when unsuspecting clients answer the phone, they are then told they need to pay additional money to their attorney and are given a toll-free phone number to call. When they call that number, they are told how to send money to the scammer.

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2016 ALTA/NSPS Land Surveying Standards


Significant changes have been made in Table A–– Effective Feb. 23, 2016

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Starship Delivery Robot Undergo Trials | Ubergizmo

The Starship robot, as it is known, is a self-driving, battery-powered box on wheels that has gone through 3,000 hours of testing and looks set to undergo local delivery trials in Greenwich.


What if there are vandals who would like to rob the Starship of its contents? Fret not, while it is not as feisty as R2-D2, they do come equipped with cameras and a warning signal. This is part of the €25 million EU Smart Cities project that will test out new and unproven technologies, hoping that such ideas will be able to enhance people’s lives. The integrated battery has a life of 2 hours thereabouts, with a delivery range of up to 30 minutes away, as it relies on GPS using 3G signals to get around at 4mph.

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The possibilities for criminal law and civil liability seem interesting and extensive.