Latest Adobe Creative Cloud Update Breaks Backblaze

Backblaze has discovered that the latest update (version: on February 11, 2016) of the Adobe Creative Cloud service can disable Backblaze backups on Mac computers.  Adobe has recently pulled this update, but if you have applied this update and use Backblaze on the Mac platform you should read our blog post on this topic to learn more.

Read the entire BackBlaze piece here.


We have been notified by Adobe that they have fixed the issue and are now distributing Adobe Creative Cloud version  Our initial testing of this new version indicates that it no longer disables or deletes Backblaze files and is safe to use with Backblaze.

Please note that at no time during this issue was your data that is stored with Backblaze at risk. 

What to do Next

1)  If you use Adobe Creative Cloud on the Mac, make sure you have updated to version or that at least you are not using version

2)  Read the most recent Backblaze blog post to learn more about the details and timeline of this problem.  There we discuss the full breadth of the Adobe issue, which extends beyond just affecting Backblaze users.


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