Alcohol Detection Systems For Alcohol Prevention | Soberlink

Soberlink innovates and develops technology designed for monitoring alcohol use. The Soberlink System promotes accountability and connectivity through real-time mobile testing and alerts.

Soberlink, along with the Web Portal Sober Sky, is currently used in Family Law to help parents manage sobriety and in other settings where monitoring is beneficial.

Soberlink is the innovator of the first truly mobile handheld alcohol monitoring solution. The Soberlink Cellular is a patented, discreet cellular device that transmits breath alcohol tests directly from the Soberlink Cellular Breathalyzer to Soberlink’s monitoring website. The Soberlink Cellular has a proven track record in Criminal Justice and Family Law with a presence in all 50 states and Canada. ($499.00)

The Soberlink Bluetooth smartphone breathalyzer offers the convenience of submitting breath alcohol tests through an iPhone or iPad‘s existing Wi-Fi or cell connection. Soberlink Bluetooth’s versatility allows for mobile alcohol monitoring from virtually anywhere in the world.($299.00)

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