Surface Pro 4 review: Microsoft’s safer choice is a (deceptively) big upgrade

Will Shanklin:


If you’ve used a Surface Pro 3, then the Pro 4 is going to look very familiar. There aren’t any major size or form factor changes, and its big upgrades come in subtle – deceptively so – places. Things like a slightly bigger and sharper screen, an improved cooling system (so the fan runs less frequently) and longer battery life.

In a nice change of pace from what we see from many companies, Microsoft is sharing one of the Surface Pro 4’s biggest upgrades with owners of the Surface Pro 3. The new models’ Type Cover, which is backwards compatible with the SP3, has snappier-feeling keys and a larger glass trackpad. The Pro 3 was already doing pretty well in this respect, but the new keyboard cover makes laptop mode a practically uncompromised experience.

There’s also a (US$30 more expensive) Type Cover with an embedded fingerprint sensor on it, but that’s a better fit for Pro 3 owners than buyers of the new model. That’s because the new Surfaces have a front-facing camera with facial recognition capabilities, basically voiding out any need for a fingerprint sensor.


Read the entire review here.

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