Elephind.com: Search the world’s historic newspaper archives



An interesting complement to the comprehensive newspaper collections held by many libraries, Elephind is something of a boutique collection. The digital newspaper collections search engine contains 2,705 fully digitized newspaper titles, provided by about 21 library partners, that range from the Door County Library (Wisconsin) with one title, to the US Library of Congress with 1,060 titles and The National Library of Australia somewhere in between, at 681. With that range, Elephind is not going to answer all questions, but should be able to provide a wealth of information for some inquiries. For example, I found nothing on my paternal grandfather, whose obituary appeared in the New York Times in 1952. Observing that the Digital Daily Kent Stater Archive is part of Elephind, I tried a search for “kent state shooting 1971” and retrieved 33 results, but it was difficult to eliminate false drops such as “kent” in a personal name. For effective use of this search engine, check the list of newspaper titles carefully – if a user is seeking information on a topic that was covered in one of the titles in Elephind, good results should be retrieved. Otherwise, it is a something of a needle in a haystack search. [DS]

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2015. https://www.scout.wisc.edu

WARNING From The Editor:  You can waste a lot of time looking up mentions of yourself in your college newspaper from 50 years ago


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