Tech-savvy criminals now using heat-seeking drones to target cannabis farms (From Halesowen News)



One tech-savvy criminal said: “I bought my first drone for a few hundred quid and learnt how to fly it over wasteland and fitted a wifi camera to it so I could look into people’s windows.

“However, I noticed police helicopters used thermal imaging cameras to find cannabis farms because of the heat the hydroponic lights give off so I bought a second hand heat-seeking camera online and hooked it up to my Ipad.”

After finding a property containing a cannabis farm the criminal and “his crew” either burgle or blatantly “tax” the victim.


Sandwell MP Tom Watson is the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones.

He said: “This is remarkable story shows the proliferation of drone technology which can be used for both good and bad.

“It is no surprise enterprising criminals would want to get the upper hand in the criminal underworld by using drones.

He added: “As a society we will be dealing with the impact of drones on our laws and regulations for years to come.”

“And it is time the Government started listening about privacy concerns about the misuse of drones.”

Read entire report here.

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