Northern District of New York Federal Court Bar Association-Fraud Alert

August 19, 2013


Re:  Fraud Alert



 FCBA members, you may have read about this scam but given the risk of loss, it is worth a reminder.  One of our members received …letter and check in an envelope with a Rochester return address and Canada Post stamp.  The check is a real bank check and so is the Rochester address (but note that the remitter does not exist at this address – our member checked).   The recipient does not represent the entity referenced in the memo line of the check.   (That entity is real too.)  Note that the amount of the check is more than the amount identified in the letter.  The scam  – you notify the sender as requested, during which he suddenly realizes that he has sent you a bank check for more than he should have so he asks you to deposit it and remit the difference to him.  It is suspected that he asks for a wire transfer or firm check to expedite return of the overpayment, and because it is a bank check he assures you that it is as good as cash.  The deposit bounces (not quickly though because it is drawn on a Canadian bank which happens to have US branches but this is clearly a Canadian branch), but your wire or check is good of course, and you are out the difference.  There variations on this scam but you get the point.  Lawyers have been duped by this scam and variations of it.  If it looks too good to be true, it is.



Sent on behalf of the NDNY FCBA Officers,

Melissa M. Withers


NDNY Federal Court Bar Association, Inc.

(315) 422-2799


[“…” edited-no attachment included with warning]


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In an emergency move to preserve Federal Defender staffing in FY 2014, the Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States has reduced hourly rates for court-appointed panel attorneys by $15 an hour. Payments to panel attorneys for up to four weeks of work done in FY 2014 will be deferred to FY 2015. An Aug. 16 letter described the moves as temporary and undesirable, but said they “are necessary to avoid permanent damage to the federal defender program.”


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The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or health care law, contains many tax and other provisions for employers. The IRS will administer the tax provisions included in the law. Visit for more information on other provisions.

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Can a Car Service Predict the Future of Legal Services? – Divorce Discourse

Lee Rosen is thinking and writing about disrupters; i.e., a car service named Uber andLegalZoom:
Rosen: When I was in San Francisco, I got around using UberLyft, andSidecar. Uber is a car service that charges by the ride. You use an app on your phone, and a car arrives in about five minutes and off you go. The fee is automatically billed to the credit card you have on file.
 Uber has a great deal in common with LegalZoom and other intruders into the legal space. LegalZoom, like Uber, is delivering a product desired by the public. LegalZoom, like Uber, is well funded. LegalZoom, like Uber, is competing against an incumbent that isn’t well liked and doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

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Jureeka 4.0 — Powered by LII | LII / Legal Information Institute



Surf the legal web you didn’t know was there! Working in your web browser, Jureeka simplifies online legal research by transforming plain-text legal citations into direct links to the source. Download Jureeka for Firefox

Before: After:
Image of text after Jureeka Image of text after Jureeka

The brand new version 4.0 is now powered by the full collections of the Legal Information Institute and has been enhanced for optimal performance in Firefox.

Download Jureeka for Firefox

For Google Chome users, version 3.3 is still available, but version 4.0 is on the way soon!

Download Jureeka for Chrome

Learn more at the Jureeka Blog

Internet Research Tips and Resources for Lawyers-Lawyerist

Sam Glover:  Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch have powerfulsearch-fu. You should buy their book, The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet, whether or not you have had a chance to attend one of their internet research seminars.At the Strategic Solutions for Solo & Small Firms conference, Levitt and Rosch gave two presentations on advanced internet research (not just legal research, but lawyers obviously need to be able to research more than cases and statutes). Knowing how to do more than just type words into Google’s search box — as well as the kinds of information you can find for free online — can be critical.

Here’s Sam Glover’s take on some of their best suggestions.
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NDNY Federal Court Bar Association Annual Golf Event and CLE Program


Please join members of the Judiciary and Bar for a CLE Program at the beautiful Mohawk Golf Club in Schenectady on Monday, August 26, 2013.  The CLE Program is entitled “Cybercrime and Cyberlaw – What Every Lawyer Should Know” and will be presented by Joseph V. DeMarco, Esq. of DeVore and DeMarco, LLP.

Recent developments and revelations in the news have highlighted the threats posed to American Businesses from a range of cyber-dangers – from data spills to state-sponsored economic espionage. Yet beyond attention grabbing headlines there is scant analysis to put this problem in context and to provide concrete analysis and solutions to these seemingly amorphous issues.  Every company holds data.  And every company uses  computers.  (Even law firms!)  But what are the key laws and regulations that every lawyer should be aware of to protect their clients and their Firms.

Participants will receive 2.0 credits towards the Professional Practice requirement.

Visit for more details on this CLE Program as well as for information on a NDNY Federal Court Bar Association social function that will immediately follow the CLE Program.  You may register for the CLE Program and social function at

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