Practice Management Advice: Future-Proofing Your Law Firm |LPM Section| Jim Calloway

About the Author

Jim Calloway is director of the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program. He publishes the blog Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips ( and also produces, with Sharon D. Nelson, the monthly podcast, The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology. His Twitter handle is @jimcalloway.

THE FUTURE OF PRIVATE LAW PRACTICE has been a subject of much speculation the last several years. While some law firm partners behave as if they believe things will go back to business as usual, most of those who are paying attention believe we are headed to a “new normal” in our future. Among the factors cited to support this proposition are business clients more engaged in negotiating legal fees, an overexpansion of law schools that has led to more attorneys entering an already packed job market, the continuing impact of technological advances on law firms and the proliferation of legal services offered online by people or entities that are not lawyers.

So, it’s a basic fact: Planning is critical for lawyers and law firms. But it remains far too easy for firms to get mired in important short-term planning issues such as budgeting and managing large projects at the expense of investment in the firm.

Read Calloway’s eight (8) avenues to “Future-Proofing” your practice.



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