How I Went From 1,000 Emails to Inbox Zero (and Stayed There) with Mailstrom-LifeHacker

BY:  Adam Dachis

Inbox zero: it’s the impossible dream that gets further and further away as you let your emails pile up, but you don’t have to get stuck with the clutter. Thanks to an awesome webapp called Mailstrom, I finally got my thousand-email inbox under control in an hour. Here’s how.

Inbox zero is a lofty and often unachievable dream for most, and for a long time I just assumed that piles of email would rule my life. Almost by accident, I came across a webapp calledMailstrom and, along with other options, decided to give it a try. After playing around with it for an hour, I noticed something strange: my inbox was virtually empty.


Can I connect my email account using POP?

Sorry, Mailstrom does all of it’s work using IMAP. To use Mailstrom, your email provider must support IMAP. This means we cannot work with,, and email accounts. We are sorry about this technical limitation.

Can I clean up my POP accounts anyway?

Sure, here’s one way you can clean up a POP account. First, sign up for a free Gmail account. Go to Settings, and go to the “Accounts and Import” tab. In the section titled “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)”, add your other email account, and make sure to uncheck “Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server” and “Archive incoming messages”. Now connect your new Gmail account to Mailstrom, and start cleaning up those old messages!

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