Timeslips in the Cloud by CompuCloud Technologies

When you wait forever for something and, finally, you must leave it behind, it is disconcerting to find what you wished has happened, if belatedly.  Of course, I’m referring to Mac users who labored along with an orphaned TimeSlips for more than nine (9) years before being totally abandoned; i.e., there would never be a Mac version again.
To now find a cloud version of TimeSlips, usable by Mac, is like the worst aspects of meeting an old flame at your high school reunion.  Nothing is now as it was then.  Its awkward.
Its also expensive.  For those of us who held out as long as we could before moving to less costly solutions (e.g., Billings), $40.00 per person per month for the cloud version seems hopelessly priced back in the ’70’s.
There is no demo version and, as with all things nostalgic, “buyer beware”.
P.S. Credit (or blame) for letting us know our old flame was back goers to “Randy Singer (MacAttorney)” <macattorney@gmail.com> Feb 02 07:25PM -0800
      *Announcing Timeslips By Sage In The Cloud For MAC Users*
P.P.S.  Find our current love, Billings, here: http://www.marketcircle.com/billings/