Here are FAQ intended to help gun owners in New York understand and comply with the NY SAFE Act enacted on January 15, 2013. If your question is not answered here, please continue to check back, as this list will be updated regularly.

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4 thoughts on “NYS SAFE Act FAQ

    1. The Saiga series was intended as a “civilian” variant of the AK-47. Given the “kits” available to “restore” them to AK100 status, my best guess would be that they will fall under the ban. I think there was some confusion as Izshmash declared bankruptcy in April 2012 and was/is in the process of having brand and assets merged with Iszhevsk (on the banned list), They were going to use the name “Kalashnikov”…which is obviously on the banned lists.

      1. Ok Thank you, 1 more question, How about The Hi-Point 45 ACP carbine semi auto rifle, do you think that will be on the list?

  1. I have to believe that either the thumbhole stock and/or the pistol grip will put your Hi-Point 45 ACP carbine semi auto rifle into the “banned’ category. Some of the flexible mounting features may also prove a problem.

    Please note that I don’t give give legal advice on my blog. No attorney-client relationship is created by our exchange of questions and answers. (That should make my insurance company happy). We are just a couple of folks interested in guns and gun laws. I remember the first ban in 1994. I was finally able to sell my lousy Tec-9, for twice what I paid for it. Now there was a useless piece of pot-iron junk. Totally unbalanced. If you hit what you were aiming at, it was a matter of sheer luck. Glad to be rid of it.

    The Hi-Point 45 ACP carbine semi auto rifle looks very nice:

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