Epson’s New Scanner: Is It Suitable for Your Office?-Law Practice Magazine

When it comes to desktop scanners in the legal marketplace, the perennial favorite has been the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500. Finding a scanner that has the speed, features, software and durability of the ScanSnap S1500 has been a goal long sought by others but not achieved. Nevertheless, that may be about to change: Epson recently provided Nerino Petro, Jr with its WorkForce Pro GT-S50 desktop duplex color sheet-fed scanner to review. Available for as low as $330 online based on its written specifications, it is faster and has a larger automatic document feeder than the ScanSnap. Additionally, the GT-S50 is industry-standard compliant with both TWAINand ISIS drivers, which means that the GT-S50 can work with TWAIN- or ISIS-compliant software such as PaperPortOmniPage, Acrobat and more.

Equipping the Law Office 2012 | Bar Journal | Oklahoma Bar Association

Equipping the Law Office 2012 
is an article Jim Calloway was asked to put together for the Oklahoma Bar Journal. He tries to cover generally everything that a lawyer might want to purchase to set up a solo practice or small firm. Jim does a good job being comprehensive. Jim would like you to read this article and share it with anyone starting a practice or a law student who might be considering doing it after graduation.

This article is intended to give an overview of the different types of equipment that might be purchased in the law office today. While some products will be mentioned, it is not intended to cover all products. Generally the focus here will be on a firm of one to 10 lawyers.

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