Internal Revenue Service

As you may have noticed, the IRS has made extensive changes to the look and functionality of the website.  These changes aim to improve online services for all stakeholders with the best content and Web experience that the IRS can offer.

The new navigation is one of the most significant changes users will see on  While the home page looks similar, there are new colors, new headings and a completely new way to navigate the site.  To maintain a measure of continuity between the old and new, you’ll find a menu list in the upper right-hand corner called “Information for…” that incorporates virtually all content from the old site under familiar headings such as “Charities and Non-Profits,” Government Entities,” “Retirement Plans” and “Tax Exempt Bonds.” Alternately, you can always use the web address typed directly into your browser’s address window to access the page.

If you bookmarked pages in the old website, check the redesigned site and update your bookmarks and favorites.  A new feature on every page gives you the option of clicking a heart graphic to save the page as a bookmark.

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