GyazMail — An all-new email client for Mac OS X —

GyazMail is an all-new email client for Mac OS X. It is newly developed from the ground up to offer you a full-featured but easy-to-use package based on the Cocoa framework.

GyazMail’s Major Features

  • Multiple accounts
  • Storing individual messages as single files (RFC 822 format)
  • Multiple character set support, including UTF-8 (Unicode)
  • Main window with 2 or 3 panes
  • Complete customization of display fonts & window colors
  • Message threading
  • HTML message display
  • Junk (Spam) Mail Filter (SpamSieve) support
  • Ability to search messages across multiple folders and with multiple criteria
  • Rules and Filters for incoming messages
  • Templates and Editable reply header for outgoing messages
  • Sends messages individually or in batches
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP support
  • SSL/TLS support
  • IPv6 support
  • Remote message function
  • Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Synchronization with Apple’s Address Book (Mac OS X 10.2 or later)
  • Mail address auto-completion
  • Numerous Dock-related features
  • Message import (Unix Mailbox, Apple Mail)
  • Message export (Unix Mailbox)
  • Regular Expressions support (Oniguruma)
  • AppleScript support (iCal e-mail NotificationsiPhoto Mailer Patcher)
  • Growl support

Sparrow — Get mail done -is Done (Update)

Sparrow has been acquired by Google!  Development has been stopped.  The Sparrow team is now working on Google products.  Sparrow will not be updated. Users are left high and dry.
Remember those stories about car companies which bought innovations so they could squelch them?  All those engines which run on tap water are still in a closet somewhere. Sparrow, the minimalist email client, which had developed a cult following, especially among mobile users, is dead…bought out by Google and shut away in that same closet.
Maybe this explains the recent Sparrow 50% off sale, we mentioned in our blurb last week.    Perhaps someone will come up with a new email client with Thunderbird and Sparrow being shut down within days of each other.

Google Maps 3D for Android

English: Wordmark of Google MapsEnglish: Wordmark of Google Maps (Photo credit:Wikipedia)

Several major companies, including Google, are working on getting elaborate 3D maps online. This latest iteration of Google maps for Android-powered devices allows users to browse select cities in a 3D fashion. Utilizing aerial imagery, the buildings appear in a three-dimensional format, which can aid people navigating their way around an unfamiliar urban environment. Visitors can customize their own views with the “tilt” and “compass” mode features, which makes things a bit more fun.


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