Nassau County’s Broke. Result: You Lose Your Property? | Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report

Read the entire article at BS&K’s Tax Assessment & Condemnation Report Blog.


….although you have an Order and Judgment mandating the reduction in assessment and a full refund of overpaid taxes, the Nassau County Treasurer’s Office claims it has no money to pay your refunds.  Shortly after, your bank commences a foreclosure proceeding on your property because of your default.

Sound like the Twilight Zone?  It’s not – it’s real and it happening to numerous property owners inNassau County.  Members of the Nassau County Tax Certiorari Bar recently filed numerous Article 78 proceedings to mandate the Treasurer to comply with these Orders and Judgments and pay refunds, which it has not done in ANY settled tax assessment appeal case since mid-2011.  To add insult to injury, the 2012/13 property tax bills do not reflect the negotiated reduced assessments.  As a result, property owners continue to be wrongly taxed on the unreduced amount.


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